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  1. http://www.ceajalisco.gob.mx/contenido/chapala/
  2. Does anyone know if they are going to be set up this year?
  3. Good old Google: https://www.google.com.mx/search?q=alejibres&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&client=firefox-b&gfe_rd=cr&dcr=0&ei=Puz0WcTqCpXOgQTk75nABA
  4. gary0131


    Is Cocinart closed from 2pm - 4pm?
  5. Does anyone know when the Catrinas will be set up on the Chapala malecon?
  6. Fantastic! We have been wanting to go to Viva Mexico for dinner. We are planning going this Saturday afternoon. Can they collect them then? Is there a color that works best? Is it better to donate pesos or towels? Thanks!
  7. Where could I find tissue paper and helium balloons?
  8. How do I stop this spam from coming to my Yahoo account?? Thanks!!
  9. Any suggestions for an attorney to write up a "Do not resuscitate" document? Thank you.
  10. From my home phone, I am trying to call a 888 toll free # but unable. Are there special instructions to do this?
  11. This is my1st time ordering from Amazon.mx. Do you need a mailbox or is it delivered to your physical address here. TIA
  12. Any suggestions on where you might find an outdoor water fountain and a small solar pump preferably locally? Or should I just wait for the rainy season ;-D
  13. Does anyone have recommendations, current phone #'s for tour guides and prices for Mezcala Island tours? Thanks.
  14. This is the new restaurant on the way to Jocotepec mountainside (a little way before the Joco Libriamento turn-off). Beautiful restaurant. Any body eaten their yet?
  15. Has anyone been out to Focaccia recently. Is it still open?
  16. My longtime barber is retiring so I'm looking for some one in Riberas area. Any suggestions?
  17. Excellent Physical Therapist. He makes house calls. Jorge Sonia PT Ulloa jorge@ulloapt.com soniaeulloa@gmail.com 108-1532 mobile 333 190 0642 mobile
  18. He is located in Chapala: Not sure if he works on cars but a starting point. Heriberto Keys Chapala Aragon Arvizu 765 3252 mobile 333 171 9033 mobile
  19. He replaced my compressor and filled with gas. Very reasonably priced and very nice.
  20. I have used: Vicente Refrigeration Camarena 766-2256 work His address is 38-A Colon. Mountain side of carratera.
  21. Yes. It will meet this Monday at Dona Lola Restauarant at 9AM. The President is Jim Boles <bolesjim@yahoo.com .
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