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  1. Lolo no tiene pelos en la lengua.
  2. Están no me importa lo que digan ustedes No soy maestra me puedo comunicar I'm not a teacher either, but these suggestions "sound" better to me.
  3. I'm not trying to argue here, but if you pronounce "mande" like "monday" and "hielo" like "yellow"....you're not fooling anyone.
  4. ¿Mande? is NOT pronounced like Monday. Most English speakers pronounce "monday" like "munday" and that is definitely not the "a" sound in Spanish. Ice is "hielo" and if you pronounce it like "yellow" (with the exaggerated "w" at the end) you probably will be understood but I think it's better to learn the correct pronunciation - it will make learning and comprehending Spanish a lot easier later on in your studies.
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