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  1. Acabo de ver algunas fotos del lodo y piedras y agua en el fraccionamiento Los Senderos en El Chante. Ya hay algunos esfuerzos de ayudar a la gente afecetada? Me acuerdo de lo que paso en San Juan Cosala hace unos anos y lo que hicieron la comunidad, con la ayuda del dueno del restaurant Viva Mexico.
  2. I'm looking for someone lakeside who can repair my sewing machine. Heard there's someone in ajijic. Anyone know who that is and contact info?
  3. Does anyone know how to keep fruit bats away? We have an enormous wild fig (Zelate) tree covering our property, and when it produces figs, the fruit bats start coming and leaving their deposits on our terrace. We've tried keeping a light on, using a flashing, multi-colored light, banging the lid to a pan, but none of that keeps them away. The figs are about to ripen, and there are millions of them, and we are hoping to find a solution soon. Any suggestions? BTW, the figs are useless for human consumption, but if someone wants to haul them away for animal feed, you'd be welcome! Sometimes there are 200 pounds per day . . .
  4. Rochatas in Chapala now has music from 7-9pm on Friday nights. Last Friday, there was a harp, guitar, and bass. The guitarist and bassist sang, too. It was a very, very pleasant way to spend an evening. The music was not amplified, so it was easy to visit.
  5. I am hosting a short vigil on Saturday, December 14 at 9:30am to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. On that day, 20 students and 6 adults were murdered there. If you like, bring a bell, along with a short reading or poem that's appropriate to the occasion. The vigil will be at #26 Paseo Ramon Corona (on the west malecon in Chapala).
  6. Just got back from a delicious mid-afternoon meal (aka "comida") at Il Giardino (Av. Madero #430-A, Chapala). They're located next door to La Lena restaurant, about 1/2 block north of the main plaza and on the west side of the main street leading down to the lake. #1: They have 3 vegetarian offerings (pizza, lasagna, salad)--which is rare in Chapala. #2: The pizzas are baked in a wood-fired pizza oven and are very tasty. #3: They have a variety of other foods (steamed salmon and veggies, blackened fish, fetuccini, calzones, BBQ ribs and wings, hamburgers, steaks, nachos, baked panela cheese, and more. The prices are moderate (pizzas range from $80p to $120p), and the atmosphere is pleasant. They're open every day, from 1-10pm and will deliver. Phone: 376-108-0350 or 331-256-0502. I recommend them highly!
  7. I will be returning to Chapala soon, by plane, and am hoping to bring a bunch of unopened vitamins/supplements with me. I'm concerned that might be a problem for the customs people and am looking for up-to-date info on this topic. Does anyone out there know the current laws/practices? Thanks - E. Collard
  8. We are planning a long weekend trip to Guanajuato and would like hotel recommendations, in the medium price range and in or near the downtown area. Any suggestions?
  9. Yesterday, I came down with a horrible case of bronchitis. I went to the Farmacia Morelos in Chapala and asked the woman what she would recommend. She gave me a combination antibiotic and expectorant and then mentioned that, since there's a new law requiring a prescription, that I would need to pay $30p extra to have the doctor prepare a prescription (after the fact). The medicine plus prescription "fee" came to $145p. That sure beats the price at Maskaras Clinic, and the remedy seems to be working just fine.
  10. Estos nuevos proyectos son interesantes, pero he oido que casi la mitad de las municipalidades en Mexico tienen problemas enormes ahora por la falta de dinero federal. Tambien, no he visto ninguna indicacion que los gobiernos van a hacer nada para enfocarse sobre el desarrollo de la infraestructura que tiene que acompanar proyectos de este tipo. Por ejemplo, lo que pasa ahorita en Jocotepec/El Chante menace toda esa area de la ribera porque no han hecho nada para aumentar (ni proyectar para la aumentacion) de la planta de tratamiento y siguen construyendo miles de nuevas casas al lado sur de la carretera. Este tipo de construccion puede destruir el turismo y tambien el medio ambiente (que casi nadie considera...).
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