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  1. Acabo de ver algunas fotos del lodo y piedras y agua en el fraccionamiento Los Senderos en El Chante. Ya hay algunos esfuerzos de ayudar a la gente afecetada? Me acuerdo de lo que paso en San Juan Cosala hace unos anos y lo que hicieron la comunidad, con la ayuda del dueno del restaurant Viva Mexico.
  2. I'm looking for someone lakeside who can repair my sewing machine. Heard there's someone in ajijic. Anyone know who that is and contact info?
  3. Does anyone know how to keep fruit bats away? We have an enormous wild fig (Zelate) tree covering our property, and when it produces figs, the fruit bats start coming and leaving their deposits on our terrace. We've tried keeping a light on, using a flashing, multi-colored light, banging the lid to a pan, but none of that keeps them away. The figs are about to ripen, and there are millions of them, and we are hoping to find a solution soon. Any suggestions? BTW, the figs are useless for human consumption, but if someone wants to haul them away for animal feed, you'd be welcome! Sometimes there are 200 pounds per day . . .
  4. Rochatas in Chapala now has music from 7-9pm on Friday nights. Last Friday, there was a harp, guitar, and bass. The guitarist and bassist sang, too. It was a very, very pleasant way to spend an evening. The music was not amplified, so it was easy to visit.
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