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  1. A Mexican friend found a cat this morning in downtown Ajijic, near the church. He/she has a rabies vaccine tag dated 2016 from The Hampstead Animal Hospital, in Hampstead, New Hampshire. http://www.hampsteadanimalhospital.com/ I've contacted the clinic, and by law, they cannot give me the client's name. The clinic did say that they only have a local number for the owner. and will continue to try to contact them from their end. I believe that the owner is probably snowbirding here on the Lake. If you know this cat or people from New Hampshire in general, please share this information, widely and liberally. Thanks! My friend says that the cat is "huge."
  2. Thank you so much. There is no need for more public humiliation. We will give the information to the authorities and let them handle it. PLEASE DO NOT PUBLICLY POST THE NAME if you know this person. Send me a pm.
  3. I unfortunately don't have the time to do so, if I run across it, I will post it If anyone would like to do the research or take the Moto License test, I am sure everyone will find the answers they are looking for. My post is not about the legalities of lane splitting. I want to thank everyone again for your input and best wishes. Peace to all and be safe out there.
  4. It is legal. I am sorry you do not believe it. But facts don't really care what anyone believes.
  5. I hope he likes the weather in Minnesota this time of year.
  6. I would also recommend the Honda Fit although if a standard is not a problem, you may also want to look into Hyundai i10.
  7. Thanks again to everyone for their input. We are ONLY looking to identify this man. Ministerio, not vialidad as I originally posted have the report, guess I was a little worked up when I first posted. Our next step is to contact the American Consulate. I am not sure what they can do but, we want everything done legally. My husband, who is a Mexican,has his motorcycle, license and always wears his gear, thank goodness. His motorcycle is blue although, most of the damage was to the chrome on the motorcycle. The damage would be to the passenger side of the perpetrator's vehicle.
  8. It is illegal to pass on the right, it is perfectly legal for motorcycles to "wiggle" between lanes. My husband was wearing a helmet. The other instances you mentioned are not applicable in this situation. Thanks for the kind wishes.
  9. Thanks all for your kind words. He is going to report it to the Ministerio tonight. Right now he is kicking himself for not calling immediately, not getting a photo, and all of the other shoulda, woulda, couldas. Shock I guess. Peace, and remember, always wear your gear! Somebody is waiting for you at home.
  10. Thanks for asking. Yes he is "ok" shaken up and spooked as to why someone would rear end him from behind.
  11. My husband was just intentionally hit on his motorcycle by a man in a metallic green Range Rover or Land Rover with Minnesota plates. This happened in Piedra Barrenada at approximately 12:45 PM. Vialidad and I believe every motorcyclist on the lake are looking for this man. Any help in identifying him is appreciated.
  12. The one in Ajijic has closed completely and they do not intend to reopen here on the Lake. The good news is, they still have other locations throughout the Guadalajara metro. http://susazonmx.com/
  13. http://kenkomuri.com/ You pay at OXXO and they deliver to your door within a few days. If you order more than 500 pesos worth of goods, the delivery is free. I've had excellent service from them. It looks like they accept PayPal now.
  14. Hi dear, thanks for the plug at Two Spoons for Daniel. Is the owner by any chance the same Daniel that is playing? Your coffee sounds lovely! Thanks, Julia and Roberto of Two Spoons Bistro & Bar

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