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  1. There is now a sign on the unfinished building east of Maskaras announcing that Pancho's Deli will be moving there.
  2. Aren't the baked potatoes served at Bruno's russets? I used to get a russet-like potato when I frequently drove to Patzcuaro in a little town called Villa Jimenez. I assume they were grown nearby. They baked very much like a russet, fluffy not "boney" like the white potatoes most local restaurants serve. I don't know what a russet is called in Spanish; I have only heard them called "papas sucias"--dirty potatoes. Don't russets need cold weather like in Idaho? Maybe that's why they are not grown locally.
  3. You might consider medical evacuation insurance. And perhaps travel insurance.
  4. Why not make consultation appointments with Dr. Haro and Dr. Barragan and see what each of these highly recommended dentists has to say?
  5. I hope his owners are found too. Thank you for doing all you can for him.
  6. Or maybe he is lost and the owner will be found and grateful that some kind soul took the dog's wellbeing into consideration and didn't want to see the dog's carcass covered with lime on the side of the carretera like the unfortunate one that is currently dissolving just east of Mirasol. Or the ones I have rescued after being nearly hit or actually hit on the road. Or the puppy I saw squished to mush by the car in front of me on the carretera in Riberas. Or my own dog when he got loose. Sometimes loose dogs are actually lost dogs and returning them to run loose is to expose them to possible injury or death. I will always choose to do what is best for the dog, not the owners who have little concern for its safety. I suggest the person who found the dog make some flyers and post them in the area of Food Container. Surely if the dog has owners who care about it they will be looking for it and see the flyers. Or perhaps the concerned owners have already posted flyers looking for their pet.
  7. You are talking about two different things: where the fighting cocks are/were raised and where the palenques (cock fights) are/were held.
  8. I highly recommend Dr. Rafael Rodriguez Blanco. He was my pulmonologist when I had a massive lung infection about 7 or 8 years ago. He practiced in Guadalajara and is on staff at the University of Texas-San Antonio. Excellent doctor.
  9. Must have been after noon as there were none before noon. The bigger question is why do they run out of bags in the first place? Possibly same management style that has shelf stocking blocking customers from reaching shelves?
  10. My understanding was that Wal-Mart once again ran out of bags, not that boxes are any kind of environmental protection plan. This is not the first time they have run out bags. One time they were using the clear bags from the produce section. They put all of my purchases in one big box that barely fit in the cart. I would never have been able to lift it. A car wash guy put it in my car. At home I brought things in the house in plastic bags I had. It took at least six bags to do that. Sure glad I wasn't trying to ride the bus with that box! Just one more example of the local Wal-Mart's disregard for customer convenience.
  11. Lanes 1 and 2 at Wal-Mart are for disabled people, pregnant women, and anyone of "la tercera edad."
  12. I sent you a PM with the lawyer's contact information. Good luck!
  13. I realize Tlaquepaque is not Lakeside but I know people do go there so I wanted to share info about a restaurant I had the pleasure of eating at today, Zaguán. It is owned by two brother chefs who create a very unique and tasty menu. It is at Calle Juarez #5, just 1 block up Juarez beyond El Parian. We had excellent service and an interesting conversation with our waitress Samantha. You can check out their menu on their Facebook page. They have a food and wine pairing event coming up soon, I think August 9. The info should be on their Facebook page. you can also read the rave reviews for this restaurant in Trip Advisor and see that others sing the praises of Zaguán too. Buen provecho!
  14. His first sentence said he likes eggs, bacon, hash browns and maybe pancakes. I think Sunrise and Delicias serve those breakfast basics. I'm not sure those are a strictly redneck breakfast foods. Mom's apparently serves biscuits and gravy. I don't think he mentioned grits so maybe people just figured a redneck breakfast meant a southern breakfast and therefore includes grits.
  15. Last time I ate at these two restaurants they had eggs, bacon, and hash broens, maybe pancakes. Are you saying they no longer serve those breakfast staples?
  16. Have you tried Sunrise in San Antonio or Delicias in Chapala?
  17. Security bars--any iron worker. I've had Marco in San Antonio, on Calle Colon two doors up from corner of Banderas, east side of street. security glass-- I'm not sure what this is but you could ask at ViLuMa
  18. I can recommend a lawyer based in Guadalajara but who comes to Lakeside for clients. He helped a friend out of a tough situation when her husband died and somebody else tried to take control of her and the estate. That s lawyer speaks English. OK me if you want his information. In some cases it is better to not hire locally due to possible conflict of interest.
  19. Where is Los Angeles Locos? I only know the one in Tenacatita. I don't believe the local travel agencies have offered trips there for years. Which Riu in Nuevo Vallarta? There are three. I assume you are referring to the De Cameron Cocos in Guayabitos. Neither Viajes Ajijic or Charter Club are offering Thanksgiving trips there this year. As far as Thanksgiving dinner goes, I'm not sure why one would expect a Mexican resort to serve that. However the ones I have been at usually do roast turkey and mashed potatoes and gravy but no stuffing. I always take a can of cranberry sauce with me and share it with others. I'm thankful that Canada's Thanksgiving is in October because I can have a traditional Thanksgiving meal here at Lakeside and that way I don't feel deprived on American Thanksgiving. Thank you, Canada!
  20. B Based on your question, I'm assuming you want to go on one of the trips offered by Viajes Ajijic or Charter Club that includes round trip chartered bus directly to the hotel and back. If that's the case, ignore all the stuff posted about San Pancho, Sayulita, etc. as these two travel agencies do not offer trips there. I have never stayed at the Royal De Cameron not the Friendly. I have done the trip about five times to the Riu Jalisco. Although it is not on their flyer, Viajes Ajijic is offering the Thanksgiving trip there. I believe it's a little more expensive than those other teo. I believe Charter Club has filled their space for De Cameron and have a waiting list. Good luck in making a decision.
  21. I've gone on one of the Thanksgiving all-inclusive trips for probably at least 6 years and have never experienced what was described. Of the trips offered by Viajes Ajijic my suggestion would be the Riu Jalisco.
  22. I don't see any combination plates on the menu like those offered at Tepetate. Am I mistaken about that? I like a variety of tastes.
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