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  1. I agree. I don't usually have bobos or other insects in my house unless I leave a door open. The rare one may come in through the dog door in the screen door. I always assumed that all screen here was extra fine.
  2. The ATM fee ive been charged at the HSBC machines recently is around 60 pesos. Are different ATM fees charged depending on the bank that issued your ATM cards? Mine is Schwab. I have never had any ATM show me the exchange rate and ask if I accepted it. Isn't it the bank that issued the card that determines the exchange rate? Could that be the reason that some people see the exchange rate they are receiving and others don't. I do most of my ATM withdrawals at HSBC using both machines but have never been told the exchange rate. Perhaps that is a very recent feature?
  3. Thank you for writing that with the accent. I've always pronounced it that way but wondered if the stress fell on the i. Most signs (street signs, town names, place names, etc.) are usually written in capital letters, thus avoiding including accents.
  4. I have no idea what you are referring to about being faithful to one's former employer. You obviously know more about the reason Chef Pian left Tepetate than I do. Employees are not indentured servants; they have the right to change jobs and move on in their careers. All I know is that based on my recent experiences at both places Pian' s food was superior to Tepetate's. I will choose to return to Pian's over Tepetate. If my only choice were Tepetate I would pass. Now i want to try Simply Thai again after many years to compare with Pian's.
  5. Even with dual citizenship you would still be liable for US income tax, unless you want to spend thousands of dollars to renounce your US citizenship.
  6. I finally made it to Pian Thai in its new location on Hidalgo. I ordered a combo and the food was very fresh and well-prepared. The peanut sauce wss as I like it, thick with a little kick to it. The other two sauces were tasty too. The fresh roll was so much better than the one I had recently at Tepetate. I'm pleased to have Chef Pian back preparing Thai food that I like.
  7. My understanding is that a residente permanente cannot drive a foreign plated car.
  8. Electricity off on Santa Margarita yesterday and today. I commented to my gardener that this was the 6th time without electricity but he said "No, señora mucho más.". He's probably right as I was gone for a week. No electricity = no internet, no telephone on cordless phones, no water. I have only received notification from CFE once via a note stuck in my gate. I hope they finish my sector soon! !!
  9. I remember very fondly your burgers...and my first visit with my dog Chispa.
  10. So sorry. You did your best and he had love and care at thr end of his life. He was a cutie! May George Bailey rest in peace.
  11. I think the peanut sauce at Chopsticks is too thin, not peanutty enough, and not very flavorful because it does not have enough heat.
  12. I believe tamarind juice is one of the basic ingredients in pad thai seasoning that gives the dish its flavor.
  13. I was very disappointed in the fresh rolls I had recently at Tepetate, mostly filled with rusty cabbage. Their peanut sauce is good, much better than Chopsticks.
  14. Check out Facebook for various groups about Lakeside.
  15. Excellent question! I'd like to know the answer, especially where a reputable contractor would dump the contents. I need to have my septic tank pumped but with an empty lot next to my house I might have good reason to be concerned.
  16. Panino's Thsanksgiving meal is a little different than their Wednesday turkey meal as it includes stuffing and green beans.
  17. Needlepushers continues knitting and sewing for the children of the Lake Chapala area. In November we will start distributing hand knit sweaters to children in several local kindergartens. Last year Needlepushers gave sweaters to about 215 children. This past spring our group gave 250 dresses and 240 handmade vests to children in Jocotepec and San Juan Cosala. Our goal is to clothe as many, or even more, children before Semana Santa in 2019. We just completed a new project of giving over 300 handmade bags to children in Santa Cruz de la Soledad, San Nicolas de Ibarra, San Juan Tecomotlan, Riberas del Pilar, San Antonio Tlayacapan, and Hope House orphanage for boys in Ixtlahuacan. The bags were filled with a variety of surprises for the children, including personal hygiene and grooming products, school supplies, socks or underwear, stickers, toys and candy. Here is a photo of one very happy boy at Hope House showing off his bag and a knit cap he received. Needlepushers, which was started by Neill James in 1962, operates entirely on donations and members' dues. If you have yarn, fabric, sewing supplies and notions or travel toiletries you would like to donate, they can be left at the Lake Chapala Society office for Needlepushers or call 376-765-7318 for pick up. We can always use school supplies for the bags too. And we never turn down cash donations! Thank you for remembering Needlepushers and helping us with our work through your contributions. If you are interested in joining, please come to a meeting at LCS Tuesdays at 10:00.
  18. No problem in the block between the Baptists and the Jews!
  19. For those who used Francisco's garage in Riberas for automotive mechanical work here is the contact information for two of the mechanics that worked there. They each are continuing to work on their own in their own mechanic businesses: Ricardo Ramirez -- 33-12-65-69-56 -- Ricardo is doing mechanical work right next door to the former Francisco's at Robert's body work shop in Riberas. Juan Miguel Davalos Sanchez -- 3310385564 -- Juan Miguel has opened up his own shop in Santa Cruz called Little Garage, Emliano Zapata #28, he lists auto electrical, mechanical, suspension and brakes email aredavarive823@gmail.com
  20. Eating food in restaurants, especially the ones popular with expats, are safe. Eating street food is an individual drcision. Don't drink tap water unless you know there is a filter system installed. Drink bottled water. Water served to you in restaurants come from bottled water, which is also used for drinks like agua fresca and limonadas. Ice served in restaurants is made from purified water so safe. Ice cream is safe as are paletas (popsicles.)
  21. Don't knock Taco Bell. It is what it is. It may not be authentic Mexican but it doesn't claim or try to be. It serves decent fast food at reasonable prices. I always hit Taco Bell when in the States for tastes I can't get here. And, yes, I saw a lot of Mexicans in the Taco Bells in California.
  22. My understanding is that Francisco's is closed permanently. I've heard that one of the mechanics may take over the business but Francisco's is no more.
  23. I highly recommend Felipe. He speaks excellent English having lived in the US for 20 years. I have found him to be very honest. He is down the driveway next to Telecable (west side.)
  24. Where do you buy the extra añejo? I have only seen añejo.
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