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  1. Is the Moyoyo car wash closed for good for sure?
  2. Permanently or temporarily? How long ago did he do this work for you?
  3. I agree, especially the second half of October. Rain has usually stopped, everything is green, wildflowers blooming, nice weather, not high season.
  4. I have to agree with More Liana. I do not believe all Mexicans are instinctively or culturally dishonest. By the way, More Liana was not correcting your grammar but rather your use of vocabulary and your spelling. And the word is elefante, not elifante.
  5. How about getting a housesitter while you are gone? You leave gardener's pay with them so he is only paid if he works. I have used housecarers.com quite a few times with pretty good success. The homeowner pays nothing to use the service and housesitters do not get paid. They even pay their own airfare.
  6. Odd. The web page lists the address as Rio Zula, San Antonio Tlayacapan Ajijic. 😕
  7. The fresh rolls I had at Tepetate Thai were definitely not fresh. The only filling was rusty cabbage.
  8. I saw strawberry flavored ones by cash register at Super Lake today. Red Vines black licorice is definitely better than Twizzlers. One of the things I always bring from the States.
  9. Where in San Antonio?
  10. Yes, Across the libramiento from the Pemex.
  11. So does that mean all motorcycles and scooters don't have to follow parking laws and can park in handicap spots?
  12. Didn't Dr. Leon move his office to Villa Nova?
  13. I believe the store in Chapala is called Guba.
  14. Do you mean Simapa will clean a septic tank for $1600? Do you just go to the Simapa office to schedule that service?
  15. I personally like their spring roll with their teriyaki sauce for dipping. Yes, I like the cream cheese in it. But the flies are a real problem. Why do they have such a problem when another outdoor restaurant like El Huerto not too far away doesn't?
  16. Robert's is on north side of carretera, on lateral across from Maskaras Clinic.
  17. I recently had done work done by Robert's body shop in Riberas and was very satisfied with the work and price. They are on lateral across from Maskaras Clinic next to where Francisco's used to be. Sorry, I can't tell you if they speak English.
  18. He's right in that it is 400 to Chapala. But apparently 20 pesos more to Ajijic.
  19. I think it depends on where you are goinh. I am always charged 400 to Chapala. By th way, cuarenta is 40. Cuatrocientos is 400.
  20. Chris & Harry--Did you receive the name of the person I sent you?
  21. The next Operacion Amor free sterilization clinic is scheduled during the first weekend in December.
  22. Chris-- Absolutely your choice! I hope you find the dog you want. Did you get the info I sent you on the Mexican Westie breeder?
  23. I would like to know if an exterminator can get rid of those tiny ants. I've heard them called sugar ants. My maid calls them esquimiles. I had them crawling up and down the walls in a couple of places in my bathroom. I finally popped the face plates on the plug and light switch and sprayed inside with a heavy dose of Raid. That was two weeks ago. So far no more sign of them.
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