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  1. Because nobody has submitted a review of it to TripAdvisor. Why don't you do that? And I still don't care for arepas.
  2. Add friends to that list of those irritated. While I am sympathetic to those with hearing loss I do not understand why those who need hearing aids don't get them or why those who have them don't wear them. If you know you have a hearing loss and can improve it (and afford to do so,) why wouldn't you? And if you have hearing aids, why would you choose to not wear them in a social situation like having lunch with a friend or going to a concert? To me it makes no sense and could even be interpreted as rude, but maybe I'm not understanding something about the use of hearing aids. Sorry to go off topic a little but the above is based on several personal situations I have experienced and am trying to understand.
  3. I had a gardener once who had no idea that the caterpillars eating my passion flower vine would turn into butterflies. He could not understand why I didn't want him to spray to get rid of the "plaga." He had already worked here several years so this was not the first time we had gone through the caterpillar-pupea-butterfly. But he had what I refer to as "Mexican gardener blindness"--didnt see weeds, didn't observe the evolution of the caterpillars. He did manage to kill all the vines originally planted at my house when I bought it new. I tried to explain that I could replace the plants but I could never replace the butterflies. My first Social Security check went to paying him finiquito when I fired him. What a relief!
  4. Can anybody give me an idea of what it costs to take a taxi or private car service to the bus station in Tonala? Please don't tell me about taking the Chapala bus to Alamo and them a taxi to the bus station as I am asking for someone else who is not comfortable doing that.
  5. Nugget-sized russets are probably not going to be good baked potatoes :-(
  6. I had never heard of poutine until moving here and subscribing to Shaw, thus watching show like "You've Got to Eat Here." Honestly the sound of poutine does kind of turns my stomach but maybe I'd like it if I tried in. There is a place in conia Santa Teresita in Guadalajara called "Puta Poutine." I like the name. Now I think the standard of living here would go up if Chillin would grow and sell russet potatoes so we could have decent baking potatoes. I didn't even see any russets or russet-like potatoes for the holidays at Super Lake this year.
  7. Arepas remind me of Mexican gorditas. I first got to know them when I lived in Colombia. I am not a fan as they always seem not quite cooked all the way in the middle, kind of like a fat, kind of doughy tortilla, but I know Colombians and Venezuelas--as well as many other people--like them. When I would tell any Colombian, "No me gustan las arepas" every single one would answer, " Ay, pero con queso . . ." as "arepas" are often cooked with white cheese in the middle. Colombians also put white cheese in their hot chocolate and also drink "agua de panela," but "panela" in Colombia is not cheese like here in Mexico but rather crude brown sugar similar to "piloncillo" here, except there it is sold in bricks and here it is sold in a cone shape. "Agua de panela" is simply hot water with the "panela" melted in it-- like a sugar tea. Sorry, kind of off topic, but "arepas" got me reminiscing (not always tondly) about Colombian food...and don't even get me started on "changua."
  8. Do you mean Cafe Verde by Maskaras in Riberas? I know they have Venezuelan arepas.
  9. Reliability functional? I think the eternal Mexican question is "Is black red or is black green?"
  10. For beads go to the jewelry area on Plaza Tapatia between Calzada Indepencia and Cabanas, next to Mercado Libertad (aka San Juan de Dios.) For fabrics the best place is Mercantil Villanueva on Calle Pedro Buzeta in colonia Santa Teresita. You can find exact address on internet. They also sell yarn. Closeby is Merceria Santa Teresita where they sell notions and yarn.
  11. Easy to meet people if you pursue your interests. Get involved in a charity that interests you and gives back to the community. Remember that age is not as important as attitude. My friends here span a 20-year range.
  12. Has anybody used the services of The Clean Spot for cleaning upholstery or rugs? If so, what did you think of the service and cost? Don't tell me about Spring Clean, please, as I already know about them.
  13. Based on my experience living in Bogota, Colombia, the washing was done on the scrub board side while the deep side without a drain was filled with water which was then scooped out with a bowl to wet the clothes on the scrub board side to then apply detergent to scrub the article being washed. Then water was scooped out of the deep side and poured over the garment various times to rinse it. You never put detergent or items to be washed in the deep side as it was ONLY for clean water, which is why it doesn't need a drain. A couple of interesting things: 1. In Colombia the deep part to hold the clean water is called "la alberca." Here in Mexico alberca is used for a swimming pool. The word for swimming pool recognized in all Spanish-speaking countries is "la piscina." Imagine the Colombians surprise and laughter when I said I liked to swim in an alberca. Since then I have always used the word piscina because every Spanish speaker will understand me and I won't be misunderstood as I was in Colombia.2. The concrete scrub board is very hard on clothes. My Colombian mother-in-law scrubbed the stripes right out of her daughter's shorts! 3. I have heard these lavaderos referred to as a "Mexican Maytag."
  14. Such a friendly tone in your response. Guess I should have said that I had never seen them available in Walgreen stores but perhaos they are only available online. I'll have to compare their prices with US Costco. Thanks for the info.
  15. I haven't compared prices of my contacts at Costco here to Costco in the U.S. recently but I know that several years ago they were definitely cheaper in the U.S.. I also never knew that Walgreens in the U.S. sold contact lenses. Are you sure about that?
  16. Have to agree. Dr. Rafael Rodriguez Blanco is a fabulous pulmonologist who treated me when I had a massive lung infection several years ago. I don't think you can find better.
  17. I sent you a message re jewelry supplies.
  18. What is the cost per day on the roof? Is there usually space available?
  19. I didn't think there were any sewers in Riberas. I live in upper and we are all on septic. Years ago (maybe 6 or so) there were meetings talking about bringing sewers to Riberas but nothing ever happened. I do believe that the water that comes into our aljibes in Riberas is very high in minerals and has lots of sand in it. I think there was a second well activated several years ago but I can't say that I've seen a difference in the water. Cleaning your aljibe more frequently will help remove some of the sludge from the water.
  20. What are the alternatives locally to the pool in Riberas if one wants to do water aerobics and swim laps, especially year round? Many of the outdoor pools aren't good alternatives in the cooler months.
  21. This is the Yahoo group for the LCS singles group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/chapalasolos
  22. To me there is a difference between a visitor visa issued by the US and one issued by Mexico. The US visitor visa is issued by a consulate and is permission to travel to the port of entry. Entry to the US is decided by the immigration agent at the point of entry. This is true of all visas issued by US consulates. A Mexican visitor visa does not have to be applied for ahead of time but rather is issued at the point of entry to allow the visitor to enter the country.
  23. Are the water aerobics classes at the Racquet Club open to anybody? I was under the impression you had to be sponsored by a resident of Racquet Club to participate.
  24. Jimbobboy--First you need to share some basic info about yourself, like: 1. Are you single? 2. Are you a dog person or a cat person? :-)
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