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  1. bdlngton


    Beautiful decor. Lousy pizza.
  2. So are you saying that currently there is no admissions testing system and these cops were stopping and threatening to fine people illegally in hopes of getting a mordida?
  3. A friend wrote this to me today "I got stopped in a transit roundup today & got a ticket for no current emissions test. I’m working with a Mexican friend to go & get that. If you have a new car (my friends bought their Nissan March a year ago last December) do you need emissions checked every year? They’re wondering if they have to go in." I was under the impression that emissions testing was currently on hold and would not be resumed until at least June. Has that changed? Also how long until a new car requires emissions testing? A 2017? A 2018?
  4. I think there are two Dr. Garcias there, the primary care one and the orthopedist Dr. Garcia Garcia.
  5. Mariscos El Carnal almost never has customers. Hard to imagine their seafood is fresh since they must have very little turnover. There are quite a few better restaurants for seafood.
  6. Do you mean the Costco on Av Vallarta & Rafael Sanzio?
  7. Felipe is the best!! He figured out my oil leak that supposedly another mechanic had fixed.
  8. If you mean Centro Mercantil Villanueva on Pedro Buzeta, yes, they carry upholstery fabric. Parisina also carries some. There is a Parisina on the corner of Av Chapultepec and Av Mexico, right before you enter Santa Teresita.
  9. Not here to teach Spanish. I'll just list two things: para que is always followed by subjunctive I have never liked the "rule" that ser is permanent and estar is temporary. I prefer: Estar is location and feelings too, add present progressive tense and you're through. Everywhere else you want to use "to be," remember that ser is the verb you need.
  10. Reflexive verbs, not reflective. Hace +time + que + present tense has nothing to do with prepositions. Estar--location is always estar, has nothing to do with temporary. Except the locationof an event uses ser: La fiesta es en la casa de Lupita. Mexicans use estar to give their feelings/impression of something: El vestido está muy bonito. Subjunctive more complicated than explained.
  11. Same is true of any feminine noun that starts with ha and the stress is on that syllable: el hambre but Tengo mucha hambre.
  12. They do microblading at New Look in San Antonio.
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