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  1. What "ladies in San Juan Cosala"? The sewing group of Operation Feed, which is compromised of local Mexican ladies working together to make items they can sell to have some income, was selling them for 50 pesos each. For another 50 pesos you could buy one to be given to a resident if the village.
  2. Totally agree. Bad translation. No mention of mandatory neither yesterday nor today.
  3. Just an FYI...Super Lake no longer carries Mexican Campbell's soups, just imported ones. Truth is, other than a few like elote, crema de poblano and crema de champiƱones, even Walmart and Soriana don't carry much Campbell's soups anymore. Even pollo con arroz can be scarce. I wonder why that is.
  4. Decisions are being made daily. I believe the announcement that the tianguis in Ajijic and Chapala are closed was just made yesterday by presidente of the municipio . Of course th GR didn 't have it last Friday.
  5. The chiles en nogada at Casa Fuerte are excellent. I think you also get a complimentary tamarindo margarita if you ask. Great service too.
  6. Not open for breakfast anymore. I don't know what time they open for lunch or how late they stay open.
  7. If I am at Centro Laguna and want to go to Walmart, I never try to cross the carretera. I go up to one of the Centro Laguna exits and exit southbound onto the libramiento. Lots easier and safer. Unfortunately there is no good way to exit Walmart and head west. But i do think nobody should try to exit from near AutoZone. Why the did not put in 4-way stop light at that intersection is beyond me.
  8. Only one ATM was working at HSBC Saturday and it quit as soon as I tried to withdraw. I went to Walmart and used Banamex machine.
  9. I saw M&J Pizza had an ad in the Guadalajara Reporter wishing Purple Garlic Brothers good luck in their new San Antonio location. Does anybody know where they will be in San Antonio?
  10. Which soup did you have? I really like their hot and sour soup. I usually get cashew chicken and there are definitely cashews in it.
  11. But one should not have to be "lucky" to get the service they have contracted and paid for. It's just the right way to do business fairly and honestly, not a lottery.
  12. Riberas Medical Group is what used to be Integrity. Dra. Lupita Cevallos moved her clinic to the building that was formerly the Lake Medical Group, on the carretera in Riberas just east of the Catholic church and right across the carretera from the Moyoyo car wash, next to Best Lab. Most of the same specialists who were at the Integrity location near Telmex in Ajijic come there once a week.
  13. Exactly! Kind of a moot point at this time as far as recommendations. Hensley might post which surgeon she decided on.
  14. Yes, she saud "just west of downtown Chapala.". I'd agree that's pretty accurate.
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