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  1. bdlngton

    Question from a Newbie Visitor

    Eating food in restaurants, especially the ones popular with expats, are safe. Eating street food is an individual drcision. Don't drink tap water unless you know there is a filter system installed. Drink bottled water. Water served to you in restaurants come from bottled water, which is also used for drinks like agua fresca and limonadas. Ice served in restaurants is made from purified water so safe. Ice cream is safe as are paletas (popsicles.)
  2. bdlngton

    Taco Bell voted best restaurant in the country

    Don't knock Taco Bell. It is what it is. It may not be authentic Mexican but it doesn't claim or try to be. It serves decent fast food at reasonable prices. I always hit Taco Bell when in the States for tastes I can't get here. And, yes, I saw a lot of Mexicans in the Taco Bells in California.
  3. bdlngton


    My understanding is that Francisco's is closed permanently. I've heard that one of the mechanics may take over the business but Francisco's is no more.
  4. bdlngton


    I highly recommend Felipe. He speaks excellent English having lived in the US for 20 years. I have found him to be very honest. He is down the driveway next to Telecable (west side.)
  5. bdlngton

    Pancho's Deli/Grocery

    Where do you buy the extra añejo? I have only seen añejo.
  6. bdlngton

    Pancho's Deli/Grocery

    There is now a sign on the unfinished building east of Maskaras announcing that Pancho's Deli will be moving there.
  7. bdlngton

    russet potatoes

    Aren't the baked potatoes served at Bruno's russets? I used to get a russet-like potato when I frequently drove to Patzcuaro in a little town called Villa Jimenez. I assume they were grown nearby. They baked very much like a russet, fluffy not "boney" like the white potatoes most local restaurants serve. I don't know what a russet is called in Spanish; I have only heard them called "papas sucias"--dirty potatoes. Don't russets need cold weather like in Idaho? Maybe that's why they are not grown locally.
  8. You might consider medical evacuation insurance. And perhaps travel insurance.
  9. Why not make consultation appointments with Dr. Haro and Dr. Barragan and see what each of these highly recommended dentists has to say?
  10. I hope his owners are found too. Thank you for doing all you can for him.
  11. Or maybe he is lost and the owner will be found and grateful that some kind soul took the dog's wellbeing into consideration and didn't want to see the dog's carcass covered with lime on the side of the carretera like the unfortunate one that is currently dissolving just east of Mirasol. Or the ones I have rescued after being nearly hit or actually hit on the road. Or the puppy I saw squished to mush by the car in front of me on the carretera in Riberas. Or my own dog when he got loose. Sometimes loose dogs are actually lost dogs and returning them to run loose is to expose them to possible injury or death. I will always choose to do what is best for the dog, not the owners who have little concern for its safety. I suggest the person who found the dog make some flyers and post them in the area of Food Container. Surely if the dog has owners who care about it they will be looking for it and see the flyers. Or perhaps the concerned owners have already posted flyers looking for their pet.
  12. You are talking about two different things: where the fighting cocks are/were raised and where the palenques (cock fights) are/were held.
  13. I highly recommend Dr. Rafael Rodriguez Blanco. He was my pulmonologist when I had a massive lung infection about 7 or 8 years ago. He practiced in Guadalajara and is on staff at the University of Texas-San Antonio. Excellent doctor.
  14. bdlngton