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  1. I was just there yesterday. As always, lots of polyester. There are some cottons or cotton blends. There are denim remnants in a stack. I bought mostly trims.
  2. I believe that one moved across the carretera.
  3. The eternal Mexican question "Is black red or is black green?". This morning I ran two black lights .
  4. Both my sister and a friend have had this done in the US for back pain. My friend reported it has been pretty effective to reduce her back pain. My sis just had it done so can't report true results yet. I believe in both cases they had it done by orthopedic surgeons.
  5. Traditionally but not in today's Mexico.
  6. Its government is supposed to be secular. That would be the same government that builds statues of Christ or virgins and puts up nativity scenes.
  7. Assuming you are referring to your hot water tank (boiler,) I had the same problem recently. I had Miguel of ElectroDomestico in Riberas fix it. He knew exactly what the problem was when I described it and brought the part. He has done other work on my boiler, coeaned my aljibe, relaired my pump, repaired various appliances, pumped out the septic tank, among other things. He is very honest too.
  8. I am not sure you actually enter on your residente temporal visa. A friend entered in September and although she had her temporal issued in Ottawa, I believe she had to enter on a tourist visa and then when she went to INM in Chapala she had to turn in her tourist visa when she started the process to register her temporal. From then until when her temporal card was ready she only had a paper from INM showing her temporal was in process. That is how I remember her experience, anyway.
  9. Isn't that the parking lot across from the Chapala yacht club where everybody pzrks for the Feria Maestros del Arte? It seems to me I saw the aseo publico sign there, but I could be wrong.
  10. My favorite restaurant. Consistent preparation. Good prices. Best service at Lakeside.
  11. Yes. Everything they serve on Wednesdays plus mashed sweet potatoes and green beans with bacon instead of peas. Very good!
  12. Thank you. The use of Andreas instead if Andrés bugs me, especially by people who have lived here for some time. But so do all the variations on libramiento and carretera. And I wish Mexicans, including the federal government, would learn the difference between riberas and riveras.
  13. Thank you. I get so tired of this argument every year.
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