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  1. bdlngton

    Dusty Chicken

    Where in San Antonio?
  2. bdlngton

    Dusty Chicken

    Yes, Across the libramiento from the Pemex.
  3. bdlngton

    Chapala Cops Lead By Example

    So does that mean all motorcycles and scooters don't have to follow parking laws and can park in handicap spots?
  4. bdlngton

    Where to buy candy.

    Didn't Dr. Leon move his office to Villa Nova?
  5. bdlngton

    Where to buy candy.

    I believe the store in Chapala is called Guba.
  6. bdlngton

    Toilet Paper for Septic Tank use

    Do you mean Simapa will clean a septic tank for $1600? Do you just go to the Simapa office to schedule that service?
  7. bdlngton

    Food Container Restaurant

    I personally like their spring roll with their teriyaki sauce for dipping. Yes, I like the cream cheese in it. But the flies are a real problem. Why do they have such a problem when another outdoor restaurant like El Huerto not too far away doesn't?
  8. bdlngton

    Now I've Seen it All...........

    FYI Pero= but Perro = dog
  9. bdlngton

    Auto Body Repair

    Robert's is on north side of carretera, on lateral across from Maskaras Clinic.
  10. bdlngton

    Auto Body Repair

    I recently had done work done by Robert's body shop in Riberas and was very satisfied with the work and price. They are on lateral across from Maskaras Clinic next to where Francisco's used to be. Sorry, I can't tell you if they speak English.
  11. bdlngton

    Taxi from Guadalajara Airport

    He's right in that it is 400 to Chapala. But apparently 20 pesos more to Ajijic.
  12. bdlngton

    Taxi from Guadalajara Airport

    I think it depends on where you are goinh. I am always charged 400 to Chapala. By th way, cuarenta is 40. Cuatrocientos is 400.
  13. bdlngton

    Cairns or Westies

    Chris & Harry--Did you receive the name of the person I sent you?
  14. The next Operacion Amor free sterilization clinic is scheduled during the first weekend in December.
  15. bdlngton

    Cairns or Westies

    Chris-- Absolutely your choice! I hope you find the dog you want. Did you get the info I sent you on the Mexican Westie breeder?