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  1. Would like to buy a nice soft sided suitcase. length + width + depth cannot be over 62 inches. Let me know what you have and the price. PM please. blondie
  2. Cannot exceed 62 linear inches. Please PM if you have even 1, you would like to sell. Thanks, blondie
  3. Would like to check on the possibility of renting a building, for lets say a Friday and a Saturday for a Household Moving Sale. Must have good parking and easy access. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, blondie
  4. Can someone please post the cost for a cars emission test? Also, where is a good place to have this done? Thanks, blondie
  5. Yes, there is a post in the La cocina under the heading reddy sandwiches posted on Dec 7th
  6. Look for the post Reddy Sandwiches Posted DEC 7th in this la cocina section.
  7. Thanks to everyone for your replies. blondie
  8. Hi, Are women's smocks available at the Wed Tianguis? OR ?? Thanks, blondie
  9. Hi, Taking the car back to the States. Any suggestions on where to stay the night, Would like to go further than Matehuala. Any suggestions on where to stay that is close to the cuota, between Matehuala and Laredo?? Thanks, blondie
  10. has anyone played the computer game "words with Friends". It is a great game. I am looking for people to play this game with me, If you are interested please send a PM. Thanks so much! Blondie
  11. Directions to Gossip's please. Thanks, blondie
  12. Thqnks sooo much. Your directions are great and I really appreciate it!
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