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  1. Tom Gates for the win! The installer very clearly wrote a capital F at the end of the password but when we entered a lowercase "f", it worked! Thanks so much!
  2. The sticker only has the default password and that didn't work either.
  3. My daughter is here visiting and she is trying to connect to our ILOX router. The password that was written down on the ILOX paperwork is not working. There is one symbol that the installer wrote down that is confusing. Can't tell if it's a 2 or a backwards Z or S. We have tried every combination. Since our computers are already hooked up we've never had to enter the password. Any advice? Is there a way to reset the password or do we need to go in to the ILOX office?
  4. I got gas on libramiento at 8:40 am this morning with 3 MINUTE wait. Hooray!!
  5. thanks for the referral. I had Beto to my house today in La Floresta for a small job. He was a delight, efficient and resourceful, Did good work and I will have him back. He has a family and needs work.
  6. Good news. I got Luerpak (untable lighter) con sal at Walmart 3 days ago
  7. What hours will they be at LCS on Monday? Thank you
  8. I was in the gym at bugambillias today around 11am to have a first look. I was quite impressed that it was so expansive and well equiped and most important to me the music I thought was quite reasonable compared to Sky gym. I signed up at Sky for a month and the relentless, blaring music as well the indifference of the staff when one could find one was unacceptable to me.
  9. In upper La Floresta we got 2 inches which is one of the heaviest rains I have recorded this season.
  10. Based on the impressive testimonials on this thread, I made an appt. with Pepe last November and have been seeing him every week since then. He is everything good that people have said and then some. My husband, who has never has a massage and never wanted one, is now having weekly massages with him. I feel like I am getting younger in my energy level and mental attitude as a result of these massages. I am posting about him now because his regular snowbird clients are leaving and he has some vacancies in his schedule he would like to fill so it is a good time to have more choices of a
  11. I hope people will keep adding to these suggestions with ideas that have been helpful.
  12. If you find that your pet is LOST: Written by Jackie Kelum As soon as you notice your pet is gone, do NOT wait several hours in hopes your pet will return - start the search process immediately. Hopefully your pet wears a collar and ID tag at all times , and you have a recent picture of your pet. This will help with the recovery process. Your frightened pet may hide from people, run away if he sees a person; he may even run away from you. Call your pet's name, and talk in normal tones. The best time to call for your pet is at sundown/ night time , and at dawn. When searching, bring
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