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  1. I've flown Volaris many time but my last trip up I used interjet what a pleasant surprise very, very accommodating, no comparison to the other guys !!!
  2. I blame the cops for allowing it, whatever they can get away with they will do !!! Hence ropes
  3. One my big concerns is the moto passing on the right if you think about it the transito should be stopping and ticketing this behavior and that practice would stop quick I know if you make a right hand turn and some kid is passing on your right and bang ,you as a gringo will most likely get the ticket, deep pockets, so I put the blame on the cops for just ignoring the practice and some day someone will be killed, I have vented way too much,sorry
  4. The vstrom is a great bike for down here I, sold a vstrom 650 was a great bike mu preference would be the 650 a fun bike !!!
  5. He imports from the U S as I understand. I recently purchased 2005 BMW 1200 gs love the ride and with the exchange rate now would be the time. My biggest fear is buying something and it not be legal Regards
  6. I have used Cycle house most of the bikes are imports speaks some English Mr goggle will give you info on products Regards
  7. I am using my new modem we received yesterday seems a little better, they did say it would be up to 2 weeks to get there work finished we shall see! Crossed fingers !!!
  8. As I understand it includes Haciendas also !!!!
  9. What i shared is all I know at this time I hope it happens
  10. Great news for Brisas, I guess next week we will be getting new lines installed in the fracc and will be getting new modems this from a very reliable board member. Crossed fingers !!!
  11. I would gladly contribute if we had a guarantee, but it is unlikely we could get that amount from all the folks I will be giving you a call soon to see what can be done to clean up some of my computer messes Regards
  12. I have in brisas for 11 years now and my house would be in the upper section of the fracc. I understand that the fracc. Board did send a letter to telmex complaining about the service in Brisas I think my service is a little better but then I have some change in my home to the setup that could contribute to my perceived improvement Regards!
  13. I live in Brisas and. the speed is poor as I speak the speed is 2.6 several months before I was receiving .04 I think it has been improving due to the 2 hotels that they are building in the area maybe it is wishful thinking but to me it seems to have improved somewhat ! Regards !
  14. I would suggest going to the previous owner and try to collect that being said you will have to pay the ticket before you get the sticker sorry !
  15. For those living in haciendas Im fairly sure you can reduce telmex down to much lower charge and it will not lower your speed !
  16. If the Imss Chapala clinic is run the same as several years ago walk, no run to S P as fast as you can just my 2 centavos!
  17. I had been using cynomel and it was doing OK then it vanished Damn, I have started on Novotrial and will be getting a panel done in about a week to see where I am at. Sorry no help here
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