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  1. Yes I have monitors inside the tires that gives me a read out of tire pressure on my instrument cluster, many newer cars and motorcycles have them sorry didn't mean to throw some of you a curve!
  2. looking to find tire pressure monitoring tool to wake up my newly installed batteries on my bmw motorcycle tires , tire dealer or individual? regards
  3. The real issue is at the planning stage of a fracc. The builders of a fracc need to perform a perc test to see if septic tanks will function,sadly many areas around the lake do not perc.well, But builders and mordias get the job done again sadly! Follow the money!
  4. I believe the fabric store across from from the bus station in Chapala carries Velcro.
  5. I understand I will not be getting a stimulus check because of my filing status, U S citizen with non citizen wife. I will be filing 2019 as an individual and see what happens! But for the life of me I don't understand the reasoning behind this part of the stimulus package !!
  6. just wondering where the check point locations are, specifically towards Vista de algo and beyond, thanks much
  7. I ran the numbers i will file as one person it will not change my numbers and will see what happens!
  8. I haven't filed for 2019 so I am filing separately, this makes no sense at all the SWAMP is very deep and wide! I still like the reasoning behind this,if it is really factual.( No stimulus with foreign wife non us citizen) ?!?!
  9. I have had sky for many years and just this year I am seeing more options for English not all but many, nice option and then with the option of English subtitles it somewhat improved my Spanish
  10. Yes a few days ago near the airport going into guad. a long wait, now I'm not sure
  11. That is my intention i haven't filed for 2019 so I will be doing that soon can't hurt hmm now I know why I have been procrastinating about filing
  12. I believe i read this on a irs site several days ago but it was worded somewhat different so I guess I'll wait and see. I don't know where E Blair read this ?
  13. This might be a situation of not understanding the written text because if it is factual it makes no sense! At least to me!
  14. I agree with part of your statement but I as a taxpayer and on social security i should be entitle to the stimulus money ( for me only ) i filed a joint return with my mexican wife in 2018 and paid some tax. I understand no stimulus for her but I think that should not disqualify from receiving 1200. dollars
  15. I have read this on another site, i don't understand the reasoning for this. I would not expect the person ( spouse )with no a social security number but only a tax id number to not receive the stimulus but the person holding a legitimate s s number and filing a income form that I disagree with ! I will wait a see i have no other option.
  16. At my house in Brisas this morning 9+ I can live with that.
  17. back is killing me, looking for gym with inversion table to try in lakeside area??I ps after quarantine!
  18. Your question is too broad to give an definitive answer, different products for different situations but one suggestion always strive for positive drainage
  19. I would add maintenance to that list! So many other things needed and they spend .money 💰on this extraordinary project!
  20. A sidewalk would have been nice, just a friggen nice sidewalk!
  21. Yes open paid yesterday wedsday apirl l no joke had to make a prescription run as i was leaving got a squirt of hand disinfectant!
  22. E here we go the pissing contest is alive and well,so I will contribute, call a spade a spade!
  23. I believe i was required to take this while in Vietnam wasn't too bad as i remember it was a huge pill, twas a long time ago and I'm old my remeberer works sometimes
  24. is ayuagente water still in business and how are there prices, I'm getting too old for the bottles ?
  25. I think the design and the narrowing of the road is insane not to mention how that money could have been used for repairs and maintenance of infrastructure like maybe making the existing sidewalks walkable!
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