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  1. Went to the muffler shop north of Soriana and the guy fixed me up, very reasonable and really a nice guy if I have any muffler issues that's my go to person thanks again for the suggestion 🎯
  2. This happened to me several years ago in Tonala , while shopping in one store a guy came up to me a said I had mustard on my backside and started cleaning my backside and caused my wallet to pop out of my pocket luckily when it hit the floor it bounced forward and i just picked it up, later I read bout the mustard bandit i was very lucky !
  3. I need a stainless steel part welded any shops lakeside capable?
  4. The lighting store in Chapala on Madera i think is owned by the family a well run store! Near where the cow used to be !
  5. Today I got this mike call , I really couldn't.understand half what he was saying I hung upπŸ‘†
  6. when does a person lose their newbie status inquiring minds want to know😏
  7. I had aguagente installed a couple months ago totally satisfied 😌once thru the ordering process great service!
  8. Hi neighbor, I don't think Costco mexico carries this product unfortunately
  9. I need to get my favorite sleep aid from Costco it is really reasonable (8us for96 pills ) and works like a charm is it possible to have it Sent to ishop just wondering thanks
  10. I got mine several years ago in guadalajara, the director refused to give me the card and I stuck to my guns and she called a immigration director in and he told her I qualified she was pissed, sorry I had to share that. I believe lcs had a program to get the card thru them, when they open back up I would check with them, it is a beneficial card to have πŸ’―
  11. I believe there are 2 different cards one the dif is for and I think it is more of a state run program the one accepted more often is the ianpan card. I have both, I don't recall ever using the dif card I use the ianpan card frequently ,My 2 centovos ,your milage may vary.
  12. Just as a side note the people at the license office said on a renewal the transit would accept a payed receipt as proof of license, insurance I would not take a chance personally πŸ™„
  13. Yes I went with Spencer's office smooth as silk but 800. Pesos my S /O wanted to go Ocatlan we had another stop to make on the way home, didnt work out well. my suggestion Guadalajara is my preference .P S both over our license were renewals once she got into the actual getting of the renewal it went fairly quick, but getting to that point took forever!!!
  14. We are in octalan as I speak has been a very long day, we have been here since 8 am they have seen 9 people in total, my Amiga is # 12 we are hoping within the next hour and a half we will be done and they close at 2pm. From my experience guadalajara, is so much more organized, your milage may very!!!!!!!!
  15. It would be very helpful if the government would post an opening date of the office for drivers license in Chapala,or at least there target date so folks could plan ahead. The virus situation should not be a reason with many of the office in quad are open. Just my 2 cents!
  16. I checked this morning nope not open. I had to check but I would have bet not open, maybe the first of July but my wife doesn't want to wait that long.!
  17. Went today, used Spencer's office, they made sure your paper work was correct and organized everything went like clockwork of coarse Luise got us started thru the process right. I will say of all the Mexican government processes I've been thru these folks had there stuff together 😊 it was a pleasant experience . Thanks Luise !
  18. Twas not I it was happyjillin ask him πŸ‘πŸ˜Š
  19. It's a toss up which has Better service Cfe or telmex I vote for neither of both depending on how you want look at it !!😡✌
  20. Happy are you talking about renewing your drivers license not your plates??? we called yesterday and in guad . It is a month wait for an appointment, drove over to the new Chapala office not open why not ???. I have lived in Chapala for many years and the government services are not user friendly to say the least sorry just ranting
  21. Thanks for the offer that system is not compatible with mine 😁
  22. Yes I have monitors inside the tires that gives me a read out of tire pressure on my instrument cluster, many newer cars and motorcycles have them sorry didn't mean to throw some of you a curve!
  23. looking to find tire pressure monitoring tool to wake up my newly installed batteries on my bmw motorcycle tires , tire dealer or individual? regards
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