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  1. I remember a service bringing item from u s to Chapala, does this service still exist? If so information please πŸ™
  2. I mailed a certified letter to the IRS 5 weeks ago from one of the mail services in aijjic i still cannot track the letter when I complained they say something about Laredo, I find it impossible to believe Laredo could be that incompetent and stay in business ! I'm wondering which Laredo they are talking about New Laredo ( mexico ) or Laredo tx. Sorry I'm pissed and Venting
  3. I had one sight episode several months ago.with response I'm filing out the Chinese jab! Thanks all for responding!πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
  4. I got the jab last weds. had a slightly sore arm the following day then I have had 2 episodes of vertigo when standing up! I share this not to cause fear, I'm just fishing to see if others have had this problem and I'm not sure the injection and the vertigo are actually related, although in investigating side effects is does.state dizziness as a slight problem. Regards Phil
  5. I arrived at 7:30 AM out the door at 4:00 pm very tired . Water and oranges provided. A very long day!
  6. Hit my account this morning, a day earlier than what uncle same told me😁
  7. Just sharing what I experienced ,and what I observed. If that offends you, sorry about that!
  8. So sorry did not read the question very well , I had the test taken to allow me to enter the U S via airlines, didn't mean to spread false information. I really didn't see a set up for the more stringent test! Phil
  9. I took the test at the Guadalajara airport about 3 weeks ago , fairly well organized about 20 folks ahead me. About 45minutes waiting for the test and about 45 minutes waiting for the results.Depending on how busy they are your mileage may vary Regards
  10. didn't receive telmex bill for last month just wondering if others did not receive also?
  11. I did not receive a bill from telmex last month which is not the norm for me, did this happen area wide ?
  12. What service do you use to send a envelope type package from u s to Chapala (important papers securely) cost and time if possible.
  13. My wife makes shea butter for us i think she buys it at the central plaza in Chapala the first shop to the right as you enter from the front of the building.
  14. The cow unions treated to strike, over low pay and sore boobs πŸƒ, sorry I've been cooped up to long !
  15. just a big shout out for the folks involved in posting the local virus information ! Thank you so very much! Your special in my book πŸ‘Ό
  16. Interesting I watch the lake level from a certain point about every other day and my non scientific observation the lake level is not going down much.
  17. Had a motorcycle ride up last week they are open at least the large restaurant we usually go to. 😁
  18. I was told by my v a doctor that they will not ship to Mexico but I guess you could have them ship to a friend and then the friend could send them on to Laredo via a mailing service such as soy Luna, but expect a long wait time it you ever receive them 😡😎
  19. I just received my.long awaited sleep aid after 2 1\2 months the aduana in Laredo must be a joke, but I did receive them😷 That's why I ordered thru soy Luna they supposedly have a license for bringing in meds
  20. My question is (example) i go to the teller in multiva with pesos in hand and pay my fracc. fee I'm charged 100 pesos service charge ??
  21. I order some sleep aids and had them sent to the soy Luna address via Laredo aduana they have been at that location for more than 2 months I have checked with them several times but they have no clue and seldom call back, suggestions !
  22. Tepehua group does so much good I would buy their or the American legion two really great organizations we are lucky to haveπŸ˜€
  23. I assume putting my ballot in the box at the Guadalajara reporter office i need some postal stamps where can I buy ???
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