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  1. Anyone know  what caused the traffic  jam going into chapala  this morning, transito stopped  traffic  going into  chapala  and diverted many,  made to go onto the libermento, one female  officer  directing traffic an 6 or 8 officers  watching. It was a mess for several  hours !

  2. I understand  that a Non U S citizen  has to show proof of vaccination  that was what I was questioning this rule becomes in effect the 22nd  of January  this has just been called  for by the U S Preident  Don't  forget I'm talking  about a  NON U S citizen Please! So I am still  wondering  what is acceptable  as far as proof???

  3. On 1/4/2022 at 2:55 PM, Fred Habacht said:

    I get a discount of 50% on a base amount that does not exceed 500,000 pesos and my total discount on the rest is about 25%....my total house payment after conversion to the USD was 48.00usd and my Aqua bill for the year, which includes Basura was 75.00usd. I always present all my copies with last years billing.

    Just to be clear  immigration status and location,  I'm an not trying  to be  nosy just want to  understand  factually,  gracious 

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