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  1. In my opinion  a dual  sport  moto is the best way to travel in Mexico  the kawasaki  klr is a economical , cheap to keep  motorcycle the only thing  about the dual sport  bikes is there tallness you need to be somewhat  tall to mount the thing. I am riding  a BMW  street  bike and I wish  it had a little  bit more  suspension, that being  said, just my opinion  ride what you like⚠️

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  2. Wife took our car in for testing  today, she shared that it's  not only for pollution  they tested  almost  everything  brakes  looked  to see if spare tire was inflated and many more  items.  When you go to your appointment  have your  car up to snuff or you will get another  appointment. Our car passed (2016) model but she said many did not pass. Maybe they are getting  serious  about safety  as well as the environment fyi, phil

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  3. 23 hours ago, Mainecoons said:

    Driving electrically would be strictly local for us and we would keep our gas car.  It only makes sense to us if we can recharge with solar.  Otherwise you are buying mostly fossil fuel power from CFE.  I'm not thinking of anything at all like Tesla, more like a glorified golf cart.  

    Just buy a nice  motorcycle  mine gets 52 miles per gallon  😉

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  4. Most all gravel, cement, and other material trucks are overloaded, causing  brake failures and road damage, it would  be nice and smart if transito would apply there investigations efforts on other violations other than only looking  for gringos without seat belts attached. There are so many safety  violations  on Mexican  vehicles  its truly  dangerous, yet they concentrate  on paper work and seat belts, I see so many  vehicles with nonfunctioning brake lights  which  in my opinion  is a mortal  sin !! I'm  venting  I need to stop,  Drive defensively ⚠️

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