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  1. I am having breathing problems and would like info on treatments
  2. Anyone know what caused the traffic jam going into chapala this morning, transito stopped traffic going into chapala and diverted many, made to go onto the libermento, one female officer directing traffic an 6 or 8 officers watching. It was a mess for several hours !
  3. There are some serious whoop ti does on the way to the airport but they will wait till someone has a major accident before they will address the problem I'm getting sick of the new speed limit signs in our area many make no sense at all just venting 🤪
  4. Monday chapala market band and battery under 120.p
  5. I'm constantly getting popup adds on my tecel android phone very very intrusive
  6. I am constantly getting popup adds on my cellphone any way to at least reduce all these adds , frustrated
  7. Thanks, great info as I read the earlier info it stated that border patrol may asked if you been vaccinated and they may ask for proof with that it seems it depends on the agent hmmm.
  8. I've researched some and a non U S citizen can be asked to show proof of vaccination the defining word is (Can be asked) to show proof, with that I would say its not as stringent requirement as I perceived
  9. I didn't, but crossing the border while driving or walking you must show vaccination papers IF you are not a U S citizen Whew !!
  10. I understand that a Non U S citizen has to show proof of vaccination that was what I was questioning this rule becomes in effect the 22nd of January this has just been called for by the U S Preident Don't forget I'm talking about a NON U S citizen Please! So I am still wondering what is acceptable as far as proof???
  11. I'm wondering what proof the U S border will accept as sufficient proof of vac. I don't want to drive up to the border with a Mexican friend and not be accepted??
  12. We had our 2016 vehicle done a few weeks ago it is a pretty serious test much more than just a smog test. Our car passed but many , many will not. I can't see how the jalisco government can get up and running with so many vehicles in jalisco
  13. I like to find a place in lake area that could repair a hydraulic hose line on a motorcycle shock , the shock has been removed from the motorcycle, any ideas ? TIA,Phil
  14. I have been thinking of switching to sky TV you can get internet service thru them , just an idea !
  15. Just to be clear immigration status and location, I'm an not trying to be nosy just want to understand factually, gracious
  16. Please a little more detail on the router system you are pleased with ,gracious
  17. I call him the tea bag bandit⚠️💸
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