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  1. Interesting I watch the lake level from a certain point about every other day and my non scientific observation the lake level is not going down much.
  2. Had a motorcycle ride up last week they are open at least the large restaurant we usually go to. 😁
  3. I was told by my v a doctor that they will not ship to Mexico but I guess you could have them ship to a friend and then the friend could send them on to Laredo via a mailing service such as soy Luna, but expect a long wait time it you ever receive them 😡😎
  4. I just received my.long awaited sleep aid after 2 1\2 months the aduana in Laredo must be a joke, but I did receive them😷 That's why I ordered thru soy Luna they supposedly have a license for bringing in meds
  5. My question is (example) i go to the teller in multiva with pesos in hand and pay my fracc. fee I'm charged 100 pesos service charge ??
  6. I order some sleep aids and had them sent to the soy Luna address via Laredo aduana they have been at that location for more than 2 months I have checked with them several times but they have no clue and seldom call back, suggestions !
  7. Tepehua group does so much good I would buy their or the American legion two really great organizations we are lucky to haveπŸ˜€
  8. I assume putting my ballot in the box at the Guadalajara reporter office i need some postal stamps where can I buy ???
  9. Possibly the American Legion, but not sure !
  10. Went thru the joco bypass on my moto yesterday caution and reduced speed is a smart move, it has some serious rough spots !
  11. Went to the muffler shop north of Soriana and the guy fixed me up, very reasonable and really a nice guy if I have any muffler issues that's my go to person thanks again for the suggestion 🎯
  12. This happened to me several years ago in Tonala , while shopping in one store a guy came up to me a said I had mustard on my backside and started cleaning my backside and caused my wallet to pop out of my pocket luckily when it hit the floor it bounced forward and i just picked it up, later I read bout the mustard bandit i was very lucky !
  13. I need a stainless steel part welded any shops lakeside capable?
  14. The lighting store in Chapala on Madera i think is owned by the family a well run store! Near where the cow used to be !
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