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  1. I somewhat blame some responsibility on transito for not enforcing helmet laws among other things related to motos !
  2. Seems like the government always leaves lose ends for mordidas they create a problem and then they try to fix and the folks suffer !
  3. Some interesting comments ! And I have 2 new awards! Thanks folks for your great comments and no infighting BRAVO😁
  4. Called Adrian yesterday and he came to my house today in fact he called me to say he would be a little late, fixed my problems . Really a obliging nice guy 😊
  5. Trying to find Adrian phone number please!
  6. Wondering, flying to T J and walking across bridge as a Mexican with proper papers, is it allowed at this time? TIA
  7. Where to buy pradaxa or eliquis and best prices TIA, Phil
  8. I have lived in los Brisas for 15 years all in all good place. Water is good for many years drank right out of the faucet no problem have filtered system now. We've had few problems with stealing but as in any area due diligence is required! all in all well satisfied with the fracc. If you are concerned with the property your considering hire an independent engineer to review the property your considering! Regards, Phil
  9. I'm old school i have a tire gauge, I've had two motorcycles with the tpms both were a pain in the butt. I check my motorcycle tires almost every ride, my car I have one tire repair guy that I trust check the pressure in my car tires.
  10. I remember a service bringing item from u s to Chapala, does this service still exist? If so information please πŸ™
  11. I mailed a certified letter to the IRS 5 weeks ago from one of the mail services in aijjic i still cannot track the letter when I complained they say something about Laredo, I find it impossible to believe Laredo could be that incompetent and stay in business ! I'm wondering which Laredo they are talking about New Laredo ( mexico ) or Laredo tx. Sorry I'm pissed and Venting
  12. I had one sight episode several months ago.with response I'm filing out the Chinese jab! Thanks all for responding!πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
  13. I got the jab last weds. had a slightly sore arm the following day then I have had 2 episodes of vertigo when standing up! I share this not to cause fear, I'm just fishing to see if others have had this problem and I'm not sure the injection and the vertigo are actually related, although in investigating side effects is does.state dizziness as a slight problem. Regards Phil
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