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  1. on one note M C said Mexico does not believe in maintaining its infrastructure (chuckle) the first street light as you enter Chapala from Guadalajara has been out for 5 days ! Lol i no longer get pissed its much more enjoyable to laugh !
  2. It is on Monday and is located near the soccer field .when you enter Chapala coming from Guad. it is on the right hand side of the road near the pemex station !
  3. the principle street in Chapala is a disgrace you must put on your seatbelt to drive down Madero or be toss out of your car, it has been this way for several years, embarrassing
  4. Most my other life i was a roofing contractor ( 40 plus years ) your question is too broad for a definitive answer but for starters always seek positive drainage.
  5. are there any shops that refill ink cartridges seems like they have all disappeared, did a search all info is very old ? T I A
  6. I have a monotonic p/m it's adaptive, saved my life, there are inexpensive devices that work for but with limited features do your homework it's your heart ask questions, learn ! I got mine thru the V A and a thank you for your service.
  7. I just got home ,transito all over Chapala i was on my motorcycle they were pulling many folks over,I just waved i didn't get pulled over. i did see 2 moto officers pull over a guy on his motorcycle, helmet on his arm not on his head and they were writing him up!
  8. Yes I live in a fracc. with it's own well, the reason for the question is i have heard of a large fracc. near where I live is having water supply issue also with there own well and wondering about the water table in this area and also conservation.
  9. Thanks Ian my posting was an inquiry, I live in a fracc. with or own well and I see water being wasted here all the time and I am concerned that's all !
  10. just heard from a reliable source that a couple of fraccs. with wells are running out anyone confirm ?
  11. my source for this thyroid meds has disappeared again. Christiana pharmacy,seems the manufacturer has stopped making it again any help would be welcome T I A
  12. Anyone using serofl o capsule for breathing treatment are they available in mx
  13. Anyone using seroflo capsule for breathing treatment
  14. Ours was the size of chocolate chip cookies
  15. Wow lots of damage last night our flowering plants have no flowers rough night I still have some remaining ice in some areas in Las Brisas
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