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  1. any friend of mozart's is a friend of ours! we even named our daughter papagena....we also brought our classical record collection down if there's anything you're dying to hear. good luck with the doggie.adios, nancy

  2. enjoy your postings, don't let these guys get to you. we have friends in patzcuaro and have spent many weeks there during hot season here. say "hi" to our friends at mis tongo, we performed classical music of india there....

  3. hola camille ,although ali akbar is not one of our favorites,we have an extensive collection of recordings that we share. if you'd like to get on our notification list for concerts at our house email us. adios, the walkers, nancy and michael

  4. hey zardoz, it this you?

  5. hola john, probably seen you around town...enjoy sparring with you. i used homeopathic chamomillia to treat an autistic neighborhood boy here and his 2000 seizures a month stopped. traditional drugs only halved them from 4000. he now goes to school in the usa. just an idea....you say your meds do fine for you. peace, nan

  6. i agreed with your posting and thought rvgringo wasn't very funny and the mod was a jerk. don't judge the rest of us by these guys....welcome to ajijic, adios, nancy

  7. thanks for bringing up the GMO subject again. it is so important that it should be on the board weekly. monsanto has made it against the law to study their products,so it is up to us humans to insist on disclosure. gracias,paulus.

  8. thanks for posting, gravy, we were worried about you. haven't seen you this week--we never made it to the beach. glad you are well,sorry about the teeth.adios,nancy and michael

  9. hola curiousa,

    noise is our biggest beef and we've lived here for 8 years. we are 3 blocks from the plaza and although we have a car ,we walk everywhere. you are right to rent before buying here. there are plenty of quiet areas around that are convenient too. we're just cranky about this 10 day ajijic festival. drop us a line.tablatime@hotmail.com

    adios, nancy and mike

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