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  1. seems to be someone who gets to it first, sells us out to them for some cans of paint and some publicity and we lose our autonomy to the faceless bureaucrates somewhere far away...
  2. the perjoritive meaning of "Suburb of GLD" is that it is becoming part of the urban sprawl of Guadalajara and used and abused by Tapitios on the weekends without them contributing to the upkeep of our area, such as overworked and under maintained garbage trucks, firefighters and emergency care...plus more traffic. On one hand we need them and want them, on the other they stress our infrastructure and gear improvement toward projects like "pueblo magico" instead of projects for the people who live here full time.
  3. we know your mom and wish to extend our sympathies as to her sudden situation. she has a lot of friends here and interactions are a key to improvement. also helps with depression which is a side effect of brain trauma. can't say enough nice things about the quality of care available here and the compassion of caregivers. hope your mom makes a swift recovery, it is possible.
  4. the light at Colon was there in 1992 when we first visited lakeside...2007 seems to be the year for more light installations and all those topes going into San Juan Cosala.
  5. for some reason i cannot pm you....i have been studying and using homeopathy for more than 25 years with good results. belief is not necessary as it works well with animals and i've used it with an autistic boy who is graduating from high school this year after being mute until 7 years old. it is effective, cheap and not unpleasant to use. maybe we should start a group for sharing experiences.
  6. try the dollar store on the Ajijic plaza .have seen them in the front street side cabinet,you don't even have to enter....
  7. we always have a chessboard set up at Jasmine's Classic India on the plaza in Ajijic. there also is a chess club set up by Chuni who is the director of the Casa Cultura...
  8. we are also trying natural methods to stop cataracts. we have been using drops of a special honey from stingless mexican bees that can be bought at several eye doctor shops as well as unica, across from superlake. it stings like a chili for 5 sec. but is curiously refreshing....also alternating with an indian preparation called triphala churna, a mixture of 3 dried and powdered fruits made into a tea. it is known in ayurvedic medicine for this problem. sure, we can afford lazer surgery, but we have met several folks that it left with worse vision not better. also our mexican neighbors cannot afford such treatment so we are making ourselves the test subjects for alternative treatment. we're going to be trying eye exercises in conjunction with the drops to relearn how to use and strenghten our eyes...we'll let you know how it works out.
  9. i remember a california ballot measure in the 1990's that was about allowing the sales of horse meat in the state. i spoke with my female gynacologist about my theory about using those foals used in premarin production--65,000 a year --and their brokendown mares as an additional source of revenue. she was shoked, but on a subsiquent visit told me that she had discussed it with her fellow doctors, and i was probably right. couldn't imagin that there was a sudden outcry and petition for legalizing horsemeat sales. luckily, it was defeated.... here in mexico we can get dioscorea, mexican wild yam.sometimes they call it camote de cerro, mountain yam. you've probably seen it for sale on the street, it's a tan skinned white tuber . they make an extract that is dhea which is a precursor of all hormones both mens and womens. ...
  10. jose of "jose's illusion" got tired of dealing with customers and opened an abrotes in chapala up on the hill...his brother is raoul--riki of japanese/thai fame.
  11. you don't need to believe in homeopathic medicine for it to work. i've used it to treat an autistic mexican boy of 6 who had never spoken and had 2000 seizures a month and now he goes to a special school and speaks english and is free of fits. he had no belief,but i can assure you his mother now does. also on animals....keep an open mind,do some research.
  12. i spoke with Adriana this we about this, and she said that this is the first she's heard about it. she will be speaking with her employee to see if she remembers this conversation. her employee doesn't speak much english whereas Adriana speaks it well....she was shocked that she was being discussed online in this manner, and wants to reassure people that she strives to have the very best ingredients available at a decent price. we support her.
  13. cannot believe that we are getting so much flack for checking on quality controll--bugs, rocks, weeds,etc. and to go on from there and accuse us of serving up tainted products with absolutely no evidence . thanks a lot. obviously we toss anything that is suspect,but we were just explaining the facts of life concerning use and storage of dried goods. even the best methods have to be followed up by observation....we have an open kitchen, so come by and have a look for yourself.
  14. yes , i admit that i personaly supervise the quality of our ingredients, am willing to notify the supplier of any that are substandard and give them the opportunity to rectify the problem. and as a private person who buys also from superlake, i have gotten tiny black beetles in rice and moths in other items, it's part of storage problem concerning grains, seeds and herbs. obviously, insects will not be found in items that have been irradiated or fumigated, but the food value has been ruined too. if you think that other restaurants don't have to deal with this problem, you're deluded. whole products are exposed at every step of production from farm to silo to ship to warehouse to store to home or restaurant. we are talking about how to deal with it, not that it occasionally occurs. Adrianna at "el granero" is a consciencious person who carries a wide variety of staple products for cooking and baking. in keeping it local we will continue to work with her to have the best quality ingredients in our food.
  15. this can be a problem with buying nuts, spices and grains that have not been irradiated. personaly i would rather deal with a few bugs every once in a while. if i find any kind of infestation i'll put the entire bag in the freezer for a day and then have to sift through it before using. the owner of "el granero", named Adriana, has always responded to any request of ours, and if any problem she will be more careful of her purchases and change suppliers. please don't write her off....
  16. any friend of mozart's is a friend of ours! we even named our daughter papagena....we also brought our classical record collection down if there's anything you're dying to hear. good luck with the doggie.adios, nancy

  17. enjoy your postings, don't let these guys get to you. we have friends in patzcuaro and have spent many weeks there during hot season here. say "hi" to our friends at mis tongo, we performed classical music of india there....

  18. hola camille ,although ali akbar is not one of our favorites,we have an extensive collection of recordings that we share. if you'd like to get on our notification list for concerts at our house email us. adios, the walkers, nancy and michael

  19. hey zardoz, it this you?

  20. hola john, probably seen you around town...enjoy sparring with you. i used homeopathic chamomillia to treat an autistic neighborhood boy here and his 2000 seizures a month stopped. traditional drugs only halved them from 4000. he now goes to school in the usa. just an idea....you say your meds do fine for you. peace, nan

  21. i agreed with your posting and thought rvgringo wasn't very funny and the mod was a jerk. don't judge the rest of us by these guys....welcome to ajijic, adios, nancy

  22. thanks for bringing up the GMO subject again. it is so important that it should be on the board weekly. monsanto has made it against the law to study their products,so it is up to us humans to insist on disclosure. gracias,paulus.

  23. thanks for posting, gravy, we were worried about you. haven't seen you this week--we never made it to the beach. glad you are well,sorry about the teeth.adios,nancy and michael

  24. hola curiousa,

    noise is our biggest beef and we've lived here for 8 years. we are 3 blocks from the plaza and although we have a car ,we walk everywhere. you are right to rent before buying here. there are plenty of quiet areas around that are convenient too. we're just cranky about this 10 day ajijic festival. drop us a line.tablatime@hotmail.com

    adios, nancy and mike

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