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  1. seems to be someone who gets to it first, sells us out to them for some cans of paint and some publicity and we lose our autonomy to the faceless bureaucrates somewhere far away...
  2. the perjoritive meaning of "Suburb of GLD" is that it is becoming part of the urban sprawl of Guadalajara and used and abused by Tapitios on the weekends without them contributing to the upkeep of our area, such as overworked and under maintained garbage trucks, firefighters and emergency care...plus more traffic. On one hand we need them and want them, on the other they stress our infrastructure and gear improvement toward projects like "pueblo magico" instead of projects for the people who live here full time.
  3. we have compost piles at our home and restaurant. it's amazing how much green matter we generate and our garbage bag is very light, being composed mostly of paper and plastic, glass and cans bagged separately. it would be a great civic project to have designated neighborhood drop offs for kitchen scraps and yard clippings and would take a lot of pressure off our already overwhelmed garbage services. then bag up the finished product and sell it to self-support the program. we layer the kitchen scraps with the shredded yard waste and a couple of shovelfuls of dirt and haven't had any problems with vermin...
  4. looks like the kitchen was damaged,saw them washing off the stove ventadores and refrigeradores that were totally soot covered and there was water damage from the bomberos...Semanarios Lagunas quotes 50,000 pesos worth....won't know until i go down to the plaza in an hour...i'm sure Pablo's other plaza restaurant "El Tepalo" will be taking up some slack as well as Black Coffee for breakfast this morning. Hey, we might even get some business at Jasmine's.....
  5. Surprised no one has mentioned the explosion?/fire at the Jardin's Club Exotica on friday night around 11:30. Luckily no one was injured ,but yesterday they were closed and taking out rubble by the truckload.the Semanario Laguna has an article about it,but only with info from the immediate result with no follow-up...
  6. Before NAFTA Mexico was selfsufficient in corn. Now Mexico imports corn ,mostly from the USA. The price of tortillas is set by the government so a lot of the tortillarias used the government subsidized corn flour, Maseca. We only by our tortillas at Tortillaria Elena, located in Ajijic behind the church...they bring sacks of dried corn down from the milpas.
  7. this is not a harmless topic but an actual invation of privacy that is being actively promoted by someone who has an interest in continueing flying over peoples property and taking videos. the idea that since you didn't pay anything for your privacy , it must be worthless is absurd--just try buying it back after you've lost it. and also the slippery slope of conceding your rights to the peaceful enjoyment of your property to anyone who has the whim to invade your space. what's next? do we draw a line now, or wait until the info gleaned from such flights is sold to corporations, or when its okay to arm the drones? i'm gonna start practicing with my slingshot...
  8. i've seen lots of nice furnishing around town lately that if we didn't already have a house full I would covet. Check out the small mostly furniture consignment shop across from telmex on the carretera in Ajijic, Bazaar de Carlos between the plaza and carretera on marcos castellanos, the new consignment store--3 spaces big--in the La Huerta shopping mall and the new UNU on the carretera at Rio Bravo...we brought our butcher block table and thousands of LPs and books, everything else bought here. other advice stated here also valid...
  9. Polleria El Gordo, on the carretea in Ajijic, two doors west of Colon. Chicken always tender, flavorful and fresh. Owner Flavio speaks english and will custom grind chicken for you. also makes awesome fried chicken on saturdays, same supplier as puritan...
  10. i seem to remember it had volcanic sand in the mortar. look on internet for formula...the roman colosseum used a similar mix.
  11. the water truck (pipa) holds 10,000L and they have no way of measuring it, so you pay the same amount no matter what size your tank is. that's why we built a tank that was 10,000L capacity. last time it was filled it cost 400p...company in Joco
  12. i saw a homemade swamp cooler on youtube. it was made from a 20L cubeta(plastic container like paint comes in), two holes 1/3 way from the bottom that had pieces of pvc pipe coming out. on the top a large hole was made in the lid, big enough for a small fan to be inverted, and a plastic jug full of frozen water inside...looked like i could make it myself, maybe i will...
  13. when my aunt ginny turned 95, she said she hid the birthday card with the big 95th on it cuz she didn't want her fellow residents to know how old she was as she still has mostly brown hair. i told her that she shouldn't do that,but should crow about it. so often people have no experience with very old adults that are healthy, both physically and mentally. then they adopt attitudes like mark here. aunt ginny will be 98 this year. my mom died last year at almost 95 ,a crack bridge player with a social schedule that would kill me, and no medications except for high blood pressure medicine--they didn't check for an aortic anuerism,which is what got her. she had 2 cousins attend her funeral, aged 93 and 97. all bacon eaters....i myself am looking forward to 30 more interesting years.
  14. it only goes to show that if you have enough money you can make a deal with the devil...
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