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  1. Thank you Sonia, but do you have a different link for the 13 Character numbered RFC's so I can change my address in it? Thanks
  2. Well that makes sense, but there must be a separate link that you have to go to, to make any changes.
  3. Trying to update my address on my RFC and every time I get to the part where you confirm your RFC number after you input your new password and email info I get this message saying my RFC is too long, it says it should only be 12 characters and ours are both 13. I don't get it. It is weird because in the beginning it accepts my RFC and even has my email already in the system but wants me to verify it again. How long is your RFC number? #2 Question what do you need for Carta de Residencia paperwork.
  4. Don't care for the food or the service.
  5. When we drove an older minivan I got pulled over a couple of times but got away with warnings because I didn't do anything wrong, I guess I looked like a gringa in a minivan. Since then we have driven bigger expensive cars and this past year a brand new one, and no problems at all. I think that the money and intelligence might intimidate them. Do you ever see them pulling over expensive Tapitio vehicles, I don't. It is always the older vehicles owned by MX or gringos driving vehicles. All these vehicles we have had were MX plated.
  6. Thanks so I can use any phone bill no matter whose name is on it. Our lease is notorized but that isn't going to work anyway. Thanks
  7. Has anyone tried to use a lease to get their Drivers License Renewed? Is the price still $455p?
  8. Why would the US Embassy not help you, it would be a dual citizen and you have both passports and are a US citizen?
  9. Read up on the refrigerated eggs, they are not very healthy because of all the chemicals they use to wash them. I would rather have the unrefrigerated ones that are fresher.
  10. We use to get our eggs there but it seemed like they went up every time we went. Got black eggs from Walmart once and never buy them there again. Super Lake has the freshest eggs on the counter in my opinion!
  11. Think we have decided to leave a week earlier, and since there are so many different routes everyone uses we need to figure out which way is best for us to go.
  12. Amigas Jewels is inviting other experienced jewelers to join the group. This group is for those who already make jewelry and are interested in learning new jewelry techniques, making shopping trips to the jewelry area of Guadalajara, and exchanging beads and other jewelry supplies. Sorry, but it is not for those wanting to learn basic jewelry-making techniques. Meetings are once or twice a month. A meeting to plan group activities for 2018 will be held Thursday, January 18, at 2:00. If interested in joining this group contact Julie at julieywayne@yahoo.com or Susy at susyguera@yahoo.com for more information.
  13. Where is the SAT office here?
  14. Sounds like the old way and not going to Monterrey is the way to go. It just seemed like a stressful way to go but we haven't done it in like 8 years. We also had trouble when we first came through Laredo of having trouble finding our way and some kid jumped on our back bumper and helped us which I would have never figured out. You know when you had trouble on a route years ago and then haven't done it in that long it makes me nervous. When we went to Nogalas we didn't even take a map since we had such great driving directions and it was hard to get lost, but the construction is terrible we have decided not to go that route for a while. We crossed at Pharr and it was very easy.
  15. Put it off for way too long, how do we change our address on our RFC? Think about just forgetting about our INM.
  16. Monterrey sounds like a good stop on the way back.
  17. There was a hotel we saw years ago before that was out in the middle of nowhere like about 1 or 2 hours from the border and many people said the cops stay there also. I can't remember what it was called or what town it was in, anyone remember?
  18. Probably Pharr since it seems easier and we have crossed there before.
  19. In Your Opinion, would you travel from Chapala to Texas on Easter day? If you stayed in a hotel on the MX side of the border, where would you stay? Coming from Houston where would you stay on your way back in MX?
  20. When you bought the vehicle has nothing to do with when you register, as stated above you need to do it in the first 3 months if you want a discount. I think if you do it later than May you are fined a higher fee.
  21. Telmex ladies are very efficient, I don't see how they have anything to do with this restaurant.
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