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  1. Breakfast Sunrise in San Antonio Lunch Lake Taco on the Libramiento DInner Lety's in San Antonio down from ISHOP.
  2. Weird as this is the second vehicle that says it does not exist.
  3. I heard Dr. Marilu is getting married and not going to be coming to Chapala anymore.
  4. I just sent her a message on Facebook.
  5. How do you know if it is for wild or not? I put the stuff out from the Abarote and they eat it. Takes them a while to figure out what it is.
  6. They must cost a fortune since they have so much work done to them.
  7. 1 of our employees found a set of KIA keys. If you know anyone looking we have them here at the house.
  8. Get a plan for $200p so much easier, I found I was spending $500p a month on the pay as you go.
  9. Wayne went today and they asked for: Plate # Address Cross streets Zip Code RFC CURP Email address Thank goodness I sent him with everything. Place filled this afternoon and it took him 1 hour.
  10. We interview a house today and another tomorrow, I will check if they have what you need.
  11. I have found that when you go on Chat you need to use a VPN to hide where you are at. They told me they couldn't help me until I returned back after my vacation. I think I had a newbie going by the book.
  12. There is an Abarote in Riberas across the street from the car wash. Del Pilar or El Pilar is the name and they have bags of it for like $20p.
  13. Just west of the 7Eleven lakeside is a large (i think) yellow rental place, usually with a sandwich board sign & bits of equipment outside. They deliver it and pick it up. Last year they charged our friend $250p.
  14. Go apply for a phone number now, then maybe when the house is ready you will have a phone number.
  15. Both he always asks what you would prefer.
  16. We have a local Farmacia guy that delivers meds to us at lower prices than most of the farmacia's here, if you would like his info send me a message.
  17. Lety's Hamburgers and fries are very good in San Antonio, and yes I know it is a seafood place but like their food there.
  18. We like the new slaw and potato salad. Nice change.
  19. All this just to change my address. WOW!
  20. Ok I got in but why do they need your passport number?
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