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  1. They notified me through a message on Facebook, there were no keys in the car and they had the other set of keys, they opened it, thanked me and off they went. There is also a website you can check and see if a car is stolen. http://qroo.us/2018/02/10/mexico-this-app-will-tell-you-if-a-vehicle-is-stolen-and-notify-the-cops-if-it-is/
  2. We found the owner and yes it was stolen, so they were happy to get their car back and not deal with the police.
  3. The car hasn't moved in 3 days but will do.
  4. I heard that Maskaras is now doing the new Poop test so you don't have to have the Colonoscopy, which is much safer, there are so many being done now that many mistakes are happening.
  5. Well for the last 3 days someone has parked a car on our street and I think it might have been stolen, so instead of calling it in and having it impounded I thought I might advertise it here. White Buick Century with MX state plates. Is it yours?
  6. They have them at a lot of Hospitals in Guadalajara, so they must get them from somewhere.
  7. I agree with this also, we moved here in 2007. I read and learned a lot here and still do and try to help out also. But I don't have to post on every thread or have the last word like many on here.
  8. I have heard the eggs Benedict are really good but could not wait until 10am to eat breakfast. We are 8 o'clockers.
  9. Well a guy use to run it and then it closed, so someone else must have taken over.
  10. I don't and won't pay mordida, I just wait patiently for a ticket or they let me go, usually get pulled over for something they said I didn't do, just be polite to them.
  11. That place has been gone for years.
  12. I disagree, I see MX pulled over all the time and pulling out their wallets. Not too smart.
  13. You can go to the Papeleria in San Antonio by the plaza and Mario's Rest. and Maria will help you with it.
  14. If you can live with wood bases we can get them for you for $850p each new. Box springs are hard to find in MX. Or we have vinyl bases for $1250p each.
  15. I swear last time we renewed we paid where we pay our registration for our car, am I not thinking clearly?
  16. Friends just moved to Merida just south of there and they took all their Shaw equipment and using it there.
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