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  1. I use to buy this at Walmart but have not seen it for a while, anyone know where I can find it? It is a small bottle about the size of your palm. You add it to water to flavor it.
  2. I don't know where you get your info about house values, but someone just posted on Facebook that they removed them already, they must have put them in the wrong place.
  3. Yup we passed them as they were putting them in today about 1pm. They are just past La Cristina in front of the Pemex.
  4. Your information is not correct unless you are talking about used vehicles, then you can deal.
  5. Walmart doesn't have them. Does anyone know where I can buy them? Thanks
  6. I just went and saw Dr. Daniel last week he comes on Wednesday's late and I liked him, I sent him an email and he responded right back, seeing him again this week.
  7. Go to the pool supply place and get the chlorine tabs and put them in your aljibe.
  8. Ya I got that email also. Just ignoring it for now.
  9. We have used it a couple of times last year, latest in Nov.
  10. UPDATE: Saw Alvaro today and he wanted me to tell everyone Thank you so much from the bottom of the families heart, they were able to pay for Adrian's funeral expenses in full because of the community here and their generous hearts!!
  11. Dr. Sergio Najar in Guadalajara is who Wayne changed to after the same results with Dr. B. Najar is a very good Cardiologist. He is at San Francisco Hospital and it is easy to get to.
  12. Just FYI they are burying him today, they have enough for a down payment. So we gave money to Tere his sister in law.
  13. Yes he is working and besides Monday's I am not sure which day he is off. I know many times he comes in at 9am.
  14. FUNERAL FUNDRAISING UPDATE by Moonie King Moonie would like to thank those who have stepped up immediately to help Big Al from the Sunrise Restaurant with costs for the funeral of his son Adrian. To help a stranger is an incredible act of mercy for a fellow man... but we are not there yet. I am grateful we have reached the halfway mark of 9,400 pesos, the full cost is 20,000 pesos. May I lean a little more on your generosity and try and make Al's debt a little lighter? Thank you!
  15. Not really new but it is very good. Been there twice in the last couple of months already.
  16. AN APPEAL FROM MOONIE Many have used the Sunrise Restaurant in Riberas for a jovial lunch or breakfast, and have been served by Big Al, (Alvaro) the singing waiter. Adrian, his son, also worked there. Adrian died a few days ago. He was in his early thirties. Adrian was diagnosed with Testicular cancer at 15, and used blood thinners for years. He recently developed a stomach ulcer that burst...he bled out before help could get to him. Losing a child is the hardest burden to bear, but not being able to bury him because of lack of money is a burden no working man should face. It will take 20,000 pesos to bury young Adrian. Please help Moonie raise some money to help this family, Moonie has known them for 17 years, and they took her under their wing when she moved here alone 17 years ago. Please send donations to Tepehua Pay Pal for Big Al, or, if you are local, take it to him yourself at the Sunrise Restaurant, or to Tepehua Treasures marked for Moonie, or call Moonie at 376-763-5126. Thank you. Moonie Moonyeen King. President of the Board for Tepehua. Alvaro and his family are wonderful People!!! Julie & Wayne
  17. I thought that your rent could only be increased by 3% legally?
  18. It started out Hypothetical, so we could find out what to do. The person in questioned has been found today. He fell in the bathroom at night and waited until the housekeeper came the next day and she helped him get to the Dr. He did not stay at the hospital at Maskaras, they took him right to Casa Nosotros. He said he couldn't get to his phone so he dragged himself to the bedroom and grabbed a blanket and wrapped himself in it for the night on the floor. The neighbors finally saw the housekeeper and asked her about him yesterday and that is how we found out where he is, they put him in Casa Nosotros for a couple of weeks while he heals from a cracked rib and banged up knee. Now to give him hell about letting his neighbors and friends know what is going on and get him some crosswords, where do I find some for him, he loves them. So he went missing for about 9 days before we heard anything.
  19. I send a lot of people to him. I use him.
  20. Calling the police is definitely something no one should do. Bad advice!!!! The neighbors called the Consulate, they sent a warden out and he looked through the gate and said lets give this a couple of weeks and see if he shows up and off he went. They were a big help.
  21. Ok no one knows his last name. So how could LCS help? There is no office anymore so can't find out who the owner of the rental is.
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