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  1. Non solar do they bill you monthly? Thanks
  2. Black Coffee is across from Walmart, by Telcel, how long have you lived here!
  3. We had 5 peso coins size hail and 2 1/8” of rain, felt like a hurricane, upper Riberas.
  4. I think we have one at a house we are working at. Will let you know later today.
  5. What about Medical, how do you think you could afford that here if you have no savings, insurance or whatever?
  6. I got rid of my Iphone 6s also, battery wouldn't last hardly the day, my New Iphone X or 10 will last 2 days with continual use. 6's are the problem. What about the girl at the Kiosk behind Telcel at the mall, she seems pretty knowledgeable about stuff.
  7. How sad, she was one of the first ladies from the Legion that we met when we moved here 11 years ago.
  8. Oh ya and how about FM3 and FM2's some of us paid all that money for FM2's and then they changed the law so there was no more Imigrado then citizenship, they did away with the imigrado and everyone went permanente no matter what they paid or whatever FM they had. No fair at all!!
  9. I lived in Mirasol for 8 1/2 years and the board dissolved about 2 years ago, besides the weeds getting out of control and stuff not being trimmed the homeowners are very happy since water is on more often and they don't have to deal with a bunch of bickering big heads, and incompetents running the office.
  10. And once the new president comes in Immigration laws always change.
  11. hensley

    Fish Tacos

    Looks like Guadalajara?
  12. 6 of us had lunch today and 5 out of 6 were not impressed, I had to go home to find something to eat. 3 of us had the grizzle arrachera salads with maybe 4 small slices of fatty meat, I had to spit it out it was so bad. Lettuce, orange peppers a couple of tiny grape tomatoes and hot zucchini. $75p for iceburg lettuce, not even a fancier lettuce, no dressing. Menu limited. Service boys were good. Our group won't go back, I felt bad because it was my idea.
  13. Took us a few days but we are all set up and will put the turtles in manana. Weird photos loaded backwards.
  14. Ok and where did you get all your supplies.
  15. Those of you that have ponds what kind of filter do you have and where did you purchase it? Thanks
  16. Any updates on this thread or should I go to the lake to get plants for my new turtle pond? Anyone have a turtle pond?
  17. Gloss in San Antonio New Look in San Antonio
  18. And that is why they say we are having so many power outages, hope you have solar.
  19. Yes I pay upfront and then they reimburse me. There is a list of hospitals that will direct bill the insurance and they will give you that list. Oh another thing, this policy covers worldwide EXCEPT the US.
  20. Hey Rony, I just signed up for WEA through Blue Angel in the plaza behind Pemex on the Libramiento last Oct. We are the same age. Here is what I paid. I paid $880 usd for the year. My deductible is $250 usd which I already met, I submit my facturas by email and they deposit money into my account, which takes about a month. I have been very satisfied with the service. Vicki in the office there is very helpful and will help you submit the facturas the first time to get you all set up. Hope this helps!
  21. How do you say that in Spanish?
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