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  1. Tío Sams sent Victor from Samsung to us and boy did he know what is was doing. Victor 331-527-0151. we weren’t impressed with the other guy, didn’t do much for us in a washer and of course charged a fee for 5 minutes of nothing.
  2. My Dad has it and has speeds up over 30. It was out once for about an hour he got it in August. Las Redes area, we are 2 blocks away and can’t get fibre.
  3. Thanks everyone, I got my answer.
  4. Ok thanks, didn't want to screw this up. I sold stuff for someone in Pesos, then I am paypalling out of my US bank account and they want it in CAD. That is why all the questions.
  5. Paypal = You send $2088.64 Recipient gets $2648.39 Conversion rate: 1 USD = 1.2679 CAD It just doesn't seem like there should be more CAD $'s than US $'s.
  6. Ok so I send her $2088 usd out of my account and she gets more $2754 CAD. Aren't Canadian $'s worth less than US dollars? This is what makes no sense to me.
  7. I know that is what I am using but it didn't make sense, so what is your number?
  8. Ok I have to send someone money. I owe them $44,139.60 Pesos It is coming out of my US account which is $2087.96 USD So how much CAD $ do I owe this person. I know a little Algebra. I have my number just want to be sure. Thanks
  9. Just want to put a shout out about purchasing a brand new Honda Fit for my Father at the dealership on Gonzales Gallo. We dealt with Fredrick, he spoke very good English and explained everything very simple to my Dad. We had to wait a bit for the plates but they delivered the car to our door today. Very professional and communicated all the time with us. His phone number is 331-395-2825. Nice not dealing with the middle man! So watch out for my Dad driving around town!! haha. Highly Recommend!!!
  10. Here is where you can report businesses that are not in compliance: Javier Francisco Torres Sandoval 33 13 48 78 18 --This is from a message from Hector Eapana. Many people on Facebook have complained about Farmacia Cristina and they have walked out. I don't understand why they don't get it and see they are losing business.
  11. Thanks for all your advice, we purchased one on Mercado Libre and had our Handy Man install it. Total we paid was $1650 which included installation. The well known company quoted on here for the same exact product and service wanted $3850. What a rip off. Here is the link to the one we bought: https://articulo.mercadolibre.com.mx/MLM-582040914-medidor-de-gas-lp-para-tanque-estacionario-en--_JM?quantity=1#position=18&type=item&tracking_id=a3e80693-9fba-4fe1-a4eb-5e84751634a2 https://articulo.mercadolibre.com.mx/MLM-582040914-medidor-de-gas-lp-para-tanque-estacionario-en--_JM?quantity=1#position=18&type=item&tracking_id=a3e80693-9fba-4fe1-a4eb-5e84751634a2
  12. We called Edgar at the Granite place in Riberas he will not go to the location for the repair.
  13. HoneyBee, was it easy enough for you to install? Thanks
  14. So what is the cost from Home Services for everything? We are moving and the tank on the roof is going to be very difficult to get to and Wayne won't go up there, he will make me.
  15. Wayne went yesterday at 12:58pm and was done at 1:10pm and he got all that was needed all paperwork and stickers.
  16. I guess I should have not shamed people but I am very disappointed in this community and no I will not be reading any negative comments.
  17. What a wonderful Memorial that Ann and Marty, Charlies son put on today. Shame on all of you who knew him for years that did not show up for the event! it was lovely and Ann & Marty had set up lots of chairs that were not even needed, had it catered with wonderful food and drinks. Very ashamed of this community’s support of such a great man. Despite the cold and rain, 5 minutes before the memorial started Charlie had the sun shine through for everyone that attended. Fred Harland the MC did an awesome job! We met Marty, Charlie’s son for drinks afterwards since we hadn’t seen him in years. Still disappointed in the attendance!!!
  18. We are shocked also, she was just here house sitting.
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