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  1. Glad it all worked out, now enjoy the truck or do whatever with it. Glad we were able to help out.
  2. I went to Plaza Laguna a couple of months ago and they told me there was no such plan as the $100p plan so they said the lowest one was $200p so we went with that one cause it still saves us a bunch of money.
  3. Garden soil, I would like 2 bags, where are you? Thanks Julie

  4. The Guadalajara Reporter said they were going to do renewals for 1 day as soon as maybe next week.
  5. Thank you everyone for the support. It is nice really hearing all of your positive comments!
  6. I have been to 4 thyroid Dr.'s here and in Guadalajara and I still have not found a decent one. Anyone else?
  7. I just sent her an e-mail and it bounced back, does anyone have a new e-mail? Dr. Iliana Ramos email ramosiliana@hotmail.com
  8. We have solar hot water system. We did have some problems but seem to be ironed out now. We do not have a pressure system and we do not want one, but they eventually had to raise the tinaco so it was above the solar tank and now since they raised the tinaco 1 meter it has been working so much better. I would not want a pressure system since the savings in gas would be put into the electric for the pump. Can't tell you about the company because they went out of business.
  9. It is easier to drive a MX plated vehicle into the US than a US plated vehicle.
  10. Georgia she is back, I was at the dentist across the hall from her office in Joco and he said she is back and she was seeing patients that day I was there.
  11. I don't pay mordida also and I have had my share of tickets.
  12. I have a standing appt. with Kenia for Reflexology also and since I have been using her my feet do not hurt anymore. 765-5015 333-390-2876 She speaks pretty good English and so does her husband if he answers the phone.
  13. Anyone have Oscar's phone number, have a friend looking for it.
  14. Imss gave me Permarin years ago for free. 0.625 mg and they also gave me a substitute called Elrredin estrogenos conjugados 0.625mg, both are pills.
  15. Oscar is twice and sometimes 3 times higher in price than Miquel, we have tried to try him but he is too expensive.
  16. I disagree, most homes do not have filter systems. We brush with tap. We shower in tap. We wash our dishes with tap but in the rince water just add a couple of drops of bleach to sanitize. Also more importantly than the water make sure you soak your fruit & veggies with either bleach or a soaking solution.
  17. Yup Agua Javier is only 15p and he is very reliable. 331-453-2221 we have used him for 4 years.
  18. We recommend Dr. Lazaro Cardenas, he was recommended from someone on this board and we really liked him and he did a good job.
  19. We have a friend that has one of those water filter pitchers and Bonafont had alot of debris in the pitcher, I asked her to try Miguel water from Javier and there were no black specs in the water pitcher. Bonafont is expensive and over rated but I like the bigger jugs and all the water guys have all kinds of jugs.
  20. Javier with Agua Miguel is very reliable and you can hear him coming a mile away with his speaker that says Agua Javier 331-453-2221 $16p a bottle.
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