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  1. I have been to Oaxaca area, I want to do a beach trip along the coast of the pacific from Sayulita to Cuyutlan, we want to check out all the beach towns along this route. So we are looking to stay a couple of nights or more in these towns so far: Hotels around the $1000p a night in Sayulita, Punta Mita, Yelapa, La Manzanilla, Melaque and Barra?
  2. Yes I have driven the roads before, we have stayed in PV many times but we are tired of it.
  3. Ok since this has gotten way off topic how about we talk about Sayulita? Same Question: bungalows with kitchenettes close to the beach and what is there all to do there? Any good restaurants for nice dinners? Been to Guayabitos 3 times, been there done that like it enough said!
  4. Ok think we will skip that place then. Thanks
  5. Looking online and on Google Earth but with no luck finding bungalows close to the beach and what is there all to do there? Any good restaurants for nice dinners? Thanks so much for your help!
  6. Remember they don't serve free drinks or snacks, you have to purchase anything you want. Our neighbors had their flight coming back from Vegas canceled and showed up a day later, now they are somewhere far and their flight was canceled again and they come home 2 days later, makes for house sitting organization a bit difficult. We just flew with them a month ago without any glitches. We booked 2 different flights with them, no problems. We even knew our pilot coming home, he plays softball with Wayne.
  7. Today there was a checkpoint at 10:30am this morning at the cemetery and then we returned at 1pm and it was gone.
  8. Here is our story, we are armed with some peace of mind I hope! There have been 9 burglaries in our area so they are hitting hard here. We emailed and called the company that was highly recommended in Guadalajara our neighbors have had them for 12 years, no response, when we called they said we had to email. #2 we went to SOSE and set an appt. they came a day later with only a Spanish speaker which was ok and 1/2 way through an English speaker came to translate which we didn't need. They said they would send an estimate in 2 hours it arrive 1 week later. Expensive, 3 different quotes. #3 we made an appt. with Edgardo at Smart Home at Centro Laguna, he was prompt, answered our calls and emails but his prices were a little higher. #4 we went with Carlos Gonzales he came recommended from people in Vista del Lago, he has done many homes there, he has been prompt with emails and phone and text, but he has been having some trouble with getting all the equipment from his company in Guadalajara. He was a little bit lower after we switched what we wanted around a bit, he really worked with us. So what we ended up getting is the expensive, industrial outside motion detectors, (we want to stop them from getting in) inside, we have motion detectors, inside keypad and remotes, and a siren, we are still waiting on the equipment that will text us when the alarm goes off. Carlos' contact if anyone wants it is: SSIA is the company 331-304-1187 charliepes@hotmail.com He also does Garage door openers, Intercoms, Video doorbells, Automatic barriers, Control access, cameras, electric fence, and more.
  9. Ok so we have to renew our drivers license this year and I just realized that a well known lawyer here drew up our rental lease and did not put my name on it, so I have absolutely nothing with my name on it to prove residence, any ideas on what I can do?
  10. What about your husband driving down the road yesterday with the horn honking all the way down the highway?
  11. Where and what months is it good to see them laying their eggs? Thanks
  12. What day was the food and craft fair?
  13. So is they sell Eggs Benedict what time do they open?
  14. There are at least 3 trailer parks in San Antonio and a 40' rig would fit for sure in at least 2 of them that I know of.
  15. 2nd CP Electronics or Local MX guy Jose 331-071-9900 or Cruz 333 598 1511, all 3 of these guys are cheaper than 1 mentioned above.
  16. If you send me an email I can send you the driving directions, we just went in Oct. julieywayne@yahoo.com

  17. In the Guadalajara reporter it mentions Wells Fargo, so I sent them an email today and this is the response that I received from them: Ms. Hensley, I realize your time is important, so I thank you for taking the time to email us today regarding your Wells Fargo Custom Management Checking account ending in XXXX. I can see how this would give you a cause for concern and I would be alarmed as well. I see in your email that you are concerned that since you do not live in the United States your accounts with Wells Fargo will close. I would like to apologize for the misunderstanding. Accounts may be closed by the customer via phone, email, written request, or in person at a banking location.
  18. Susanna is also a good stylist after she cuts your hair. I have short curly hair and she has done a great job on me in the past.
  19. I suggest my Gustavo 331-465-8442 he also speaks English and he just built an apartment for a MX friend. He did an excellent job!
  20. El Saltos can you give the location north of Guadalajara?
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