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  1. Hector Ladron at the animal Vet place next to animal food shelter in Riberas is a cat specialist. 765-5940
  2. So am I correct in saying that the new 800 is replacing the 600 and the new 830 is replacing the 630? I have heard nothing but bad things about the 630's. If you get an 800 do you have to have a different dish and the 4 foot that I have now, or LMB?
  3. Do not recommend the Cal o Rex, we have had nothing but trouble with ours, had a couple of people over to fix it, noisy as can be and we have to light it before use or it does not get hot, if left on for a long time. Had a friend with the same heater and his would drain his gas tank, he had I don't know how many people out to work on it, and he ended getting a different kind and works fine now.
  4. I guess I don't visit this site as much as I read the paper.
  5. Wow not much advertising we didn't even know about the opening.
  6. Yes this is pretty much the only place locally.
  7. I like the Galerias one better so we can go to the Mall, Sams, the big Walmart then hit Abastos on our way back. Galerias is much closer for us. Takes me 1 hour to get there.
  8. We drive all the way to Los Mochis and stay at the no tell hotel Esgar it is absolutely fabulous and huge rooms for only $600p a night.
  9. Sorry folks, I called all of them and they were booked, so we just went early this morning and was in and out of the consulate in 25 minutes.
  10. Nope were hoping for tonight. Since the consulate does not give you any notice for your appt.
  11. Thanks but Alex is too busy.
  12. Is there anyway to book Uber ahead of time? I can't figure that one out.
  13. I have called 8 hotels and they are all booked, what is going on in Guadalajara right now?
  14. $3195p a night, you must be rich!
  15. Thank you, we just went to Telmex and found out you can no longer have 2 names on your bill, it is either one or the other and the only thing we needed was both our passports, so all done.
  16. Does anyone know of any hotels within walking distance to the American Consulate? We have never even been there.
  17. We have a full grown all white with pink eyes that lives in the lot across from us, it is beautiful.
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