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  1. hensley

    Furniture needed

    We have most of these items coming up for sale real soon. I will send you a message.
  2. hensley


    Jingshine, I have a small suitcase for sale $300p. Measures 14" wide x 9" deep x 22" high
  3. Have sent you a pm/feed to a valuable site re medical/health issues.


  4. hensley

    Dr. Advice Please

    Cirugia General y Laparoscopica
  5. hensley

    Dr. Advice Please

    Thank you
  6. I saw Dr. Jose Haro Fernandez today at Integrity Clinic and would like to get second opinions on him, he seems eager to operate, I am going for another opinion on Monday, but wanted to know if anyone has used him. You can private message me if you would like. This seems kind of serious so need to be in good hands. Thanks
  7. hensley

    Service for home security system.

    I think Smart Home is gone, but I could be wrong. We used Carlos 331-304-1187
  8. hensley

    Digital CFE Meters

    With a digital meter, thanks.
  9. Non solar do they bill you monthly? Thanks
  10. Black Coffee is across from Walmart, by Telcel, how long have you lived here!
  11. hensley

    Looking for KERRY WATSON

    She is on Facebook Beg, barter site.
  12. hensley

    Ice and sleet

    We had 5 peso coins size hail and 2 1/8” of rain, felt like a hurricane, upper Riberas.
  13. hensley

    Folding clothes drying rack

    I think we have one at a house we are working at. Will let you know later today.
  14. hensley

    Budgeting costs of reconnaissance

    What about Medical, how do you think you could afford that here if you have no savings, insurance or whatever?
  15. hensley

    IPhone 6s service

    I got rid of my Iphone 6s also, battery wouldn't last hardly the day, my New Iphone X or 10 will last 2 days with continual use. 6's are the problem. What about the girl at the Kiosk behind Telcel at the mall, she seems pretty knowledgeable about stuff.