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  1. A few days ago there was a meeting about this subject at the Civic Centre on the Ajijic Square. A non-profit organization spoke of introducing "Close to death" palliative care to the community. Although the organization had the word of many local doctors that they would attend the meeting, not one of them showed up. A handful of Mexican locals attended. The meeting was in Spanish. The speakers gave sincere and convincing reasons why this type of clinic should be part of our community.
  2. We need to look at water delivery service, suggestions please on where to order "good water".
  3. None other than Pope Francis has declared that he would baptize these beings should he encounter them. Does the broadminded Francis know something that's being covered up, and when will he make it public ?
  4. Luke, that's disappointing news, I hope she doesn't price herself out of the market. So far I've been very happy with Theresa Marie, although I too have noticed her costs inching higher. The same thing happened with James Don salon,very reasonable in the early days, but I stopped going when I was charged the equivalent of $100 US. for a cut and a not very good coloring job. From now on I'll ask the price beforehand.
  5. Definitely recommend Maria Teresa, she's a genuine salon-trained stylist who doesn't come from the "One cut fits all" school of thought. She took time showing current photo's, and discussing suitable styles, I knew I was in the hands of a professional. Hope she doesn't become TOO popular!
  6. Whomever you give the contract to, I strongly advise you to actually speak with some of the former clients.
  7. The last time Russet potatoes were available here was about three years ago, when an expat brought a load back from the U.S. in his truck. Although I quickly placed an order with him, by the time I got to his place, someone else snapped them up...all gone in a few hours! My fault for not being quick enough...early worm and all that. About the so-called Russets at Superlake...they were the Mexican potatoes covered in a brown film, not Russets at all.
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