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  1. About a month ago, we returned from the post office to find that the side of our car had been bashed in.

    We immediately drove to our insurance office only to be told that we needed the information of the driver

     responsible for the damage before we could make a claim. Of course we couldn't provide it, so paid for the damage ourselves.

    I naively thought we had "full coverage' should have read the small print?

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  2. In answer to the question of how one can help; Last week the hamburger cafe Tipps in Laguna Mall was accepting canned foods, clean clothing, toiletries, etc., and arranging to add them to a convoy of vehicles that would drive as far as Guad. I believe the arrangement was for the donations  to be taken to Mexico City from Guadalajara.

    This may be a one time effort, by Tipps, I'll enquire if they intend to repeat it. 

  3. Does anyone know what are the chances of an Earthquake in this area? I know there was an earthquake here many years ago.

    Also, many Vancouverite's keep an emergency backpack within reach, in the event that there will be some shaking.

    What would you pack? I was thinking passports, Home Insurance policy (it covers earthquakes) credit card, pesos, dollars,

    Address book to contact family in case of emergency. But it couldn't happen here, right.

  4. We live in a gated community where just about everyone has been burgled, some twice.

    In every case the suspects have been construction workers who observed our coming and going.

    In a few incident it's been a maid, although this is mainly petty thieving, bed-linens, kitchen stuff.

    The guys who painted our complete house walked off with boxes stored in the garage, and from inside the house ...my favourite

    piece of jewelry.

     Even treating them to frequent snacks and drinks, is not going to stop them if they are opportunists,

    I'm not insinuating that all construction workers are untrustworthy, we know some who are honourable people, just beware of the bad apples.








  5. Hi Amanda, may I make a suggestion? One of the best ways to make new friends is through volunteering.

    You mention your photography hobby, there's also a photography club that meets weekly, or you could

    mentor seniors who would like to improve their skills. Hope things work out for you.

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  6. A visiting son set us up with a new Roku installation a few weeks ago. I carefully wrote down how to access the content's of said "magic" box; but guess what, I haven't a clue as how to follow the instructions!

    So there it sits, a tantalizing little box containing hundreds of movies, etc., and I can't break the damn code..grrr.

  7. A few days ago there was a meeting about this subject at the Civic Centre on the Ajijic Square.

    A non-profit organization spoke of introducing "Close to death" palliative care to the community.

    Although the organization had the word of many local doctors that they would attend the meeting,

    not one of them showed up.  

    A handful of Mexican locals attended. The meeting was in Spanish.

     The speakers gave sincere and convincing reasons why this type of clinic should be part of our community.


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