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  1. You can see their promotional when you bring up La Pluebita, on their attractive website, apparently this is part of  an American development company, and will be built after their American model. It's not clear( to me) whether these units are for sale, or for rent.

    You'll have to wait until January 2019 for further viewing I believe. 

  2. When in doubt go to the source, send Spencer an e-mail, and ask him to send you  a copy of his recent article on fraudulant cardiologists.

    This has nothing to do with The Lake Chapala Reporter. The article appeared on Facebook.


  3. 3 hours ago, AngusMactavish said:

    Isn't it strange how the same group of people here are simply perpetual victims?

    Read the article written by Spencer McMullan on Cardiologist fraud, it might change your mind about "blaming the victims"

    Your response is uncalled for.


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  4. A local Cardiologist told my spouse that a heart operation would solve his problems.

    As we had no Insurance , we paid over $10,000.US. in cash. The so-called heart procedure didn't help one iota,

    and the doctor  didn't want to discuss it, brushed us off. Just had to "suck it up".

    No such thing as a guarantee i.e....."money back if you're not satisfied"   Should have got a 2nd and 3rd opinion. 

    Good luck.

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  5. Our Shaw satellite  was down for two days, I didn't know if the source of the problem lay with the T.V or the service provider in Canada, so finally called a technical guy to get some answers.

    .Wouldn't you know..... the full service was restored just as the guy came through the door.  No explanation, no apology from Shaw.

    Still had to pay the tech guy for his one minute visit.  Wish I could find an alternative to Shaw..... so many channels that we never watch, and channels that we enjoyed have disappeared.... and the repetition  of ads. is driving me nuts. (I know, moan, moan, moan.) 

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  6. About 9 years agoI became friends with a young Irish couple who were renting in our new gated community in San Antonio.                            They had just completed the adoption of a beautiful l Mexican baby. Several of the Irish couples in their group had also successfully adopted,Mexican babies.

    We had a going- away party for their return to Ireland, and as far as I know these kids are growing up as Irish citizens.

    Suggest you get a good lawyer, before pursuing this venture.   

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