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  1. Hospital San Antonio. You have a written report in 1/2 hour. The cost is $1600 pesos.
  2. Todays' Informador is reporting that AMLO will allow private organizations and/or Governors to purchase and resell the Covid vaccine. He says the federal government has purchased enough vaccines for all Mexicans and permanent residents and will begin free vaccinations to the general public in February but private clinics are also free to purchase and sell the vaccines.
  3. The problem is returning to Lakeside. You can no longer do the returno at the Periferico and Lopez Mateos.
  4. San Antonio Hospital was 750 pesos for # 4 also.
  5. Its about 2 kilometers south of Costco on the west side. There is a large sign which you can't miss. As Mostlylost states there is direct access from Lopez Mateos South.
  6. We purchased Kirkland butter at Gourmet Garage yesterday.
  7. Maybe because the GDL flight to MEX goes to Terminal 1 while Aeromexico flies in and out of Terminal 2.
  8. -departmental stores (Liverpool, iron palace, suburbia): closed until 7pm on weekdays and weekends. -soriana, costco, walmart, fresko, city market: open from Monday to Friday until 8pm. -Pharmacies in general and health services: open with their normal hours.
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