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  1. You need a photo copy of your passport and current CFE or Telmex bill confirming your address.. Cost is $300 pesos.
  2. Anyone who has a newer Mexican plated vehicle has cables. They are standard equipment along with fire extinguisher etc.
  3. Mrs. Cuevas hardware store (Trumper) on Hidalgo at Juarez in Chapala. Ask for polvo para amigos. Its about 30 pesos a kilo.
  4. Its channel # 257 if you have the new channel numbers.
  5. We were on a cruise earlier this year that had a stop in Cabo. It was the same experience as Mostlylost stated.
  6. Costco has a scale that can be set to either pounds or kilos.
  7. Go north bound on # 23 towards Guadalajara. After you pass # 35 (by Los Burritos restaurant) you take the first returno and head southbound on # 23. Its about 1 km to the west bound entrance to the Macrolibromiento.
  8. Where do you purchase the virgin coconut oil? Thanks.
  9. We only have Mexican drivers licenses and have never had a problem renting cars outside of Mexico.
  10. His e-mail address is: acabrera@allin1mexre.com
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