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  1. If you can't find one locally Home Depot has a good selection.
  2. Costco (Lopez Mateos south) has a display & brochures for Generac whole house systems (propane) as you exit the store.
  3. Our agent, Edgardo Cedano Cardenas, went and was told that they were still waiting for the "health certificate" before they could accept insurance companies.
  4. We have purchased them in the past and have always had to ask as they are not where you would think where they should be. They were limited in colour to blue and black.
  5. Lozano Golf in Guadalajara sells golf cart batteries. Here is their web site. http://www.golflozano.com.mx/
  6. Here in Mexico a Perminante can't drive a foreign plated vehicle.
  7. If you are a Non Resident your Revenue Canada tax number starts with an "NR' which refers to Non Resident.
  8. This has been discussed over the years on the local boards. It is my understanding that you can only bring your Mexican plated vehicle into Canada if you are an registered "non resident" of Canada.
  9. Can you please explain these directions in some more detail?
  10. They are also open at 7:00 A.M.
  11. I have had 6 renewals on my original license without the requirement of a driving test.
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