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  1. You can purchase face masks on Mercado Libre.
  2. I understand that they also have ownership in Mega, Fresko and City Market.
  3. We were able to purchase masks on Mercadolibre.
  4. Are there any barber shops open or are they all under mandatory closure ?
  5. Marco is also now back at Rey Taco.
  6. I just talked to Marco and he said that the restaurant is open to the public. He said he has not e-mailed anyone to the contrary.
  7. We purchased a Generac generator from a local contractor, Americas Consulting. Here is the contact information. Stephen Drumond: 3325888343 stephen.americasconsulting@gmail.com
  8. It is reasonable to assume that solar panels can loose 15-25% of their efficiency if not cleaned properly. This literally means that they will generate 15-25% less electricity, which you now will have to source from the utility company at their price rates. Best Way to Clean Solar Panels - Energy Informative energyinformative.org › solar-panel-cleaning
  9. canmex87

    Pasta Trenta

    We had the same experience. I agree that Cafe Mediterraneo is far superior and in our opinion the best Italian food restaurant in the Lakeside area.
  10. The shoe repair store in Chapala dopes zipper repairs. They are on the south side of Degollada in second block east from Madero.
  11. I would highly recommend Dermika which has a location in Ajijic and also Guadalajara. All required procedures can be done at their Ajijic location. The entire staff is bilingual. https://www.dermika.com.mx
  12. You need a photo copy of your passport and current CFE or Telmex bill confirming your address.. Cost is $300 pesos.
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