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  1. Apparently there is a Bowen Therapist in the Ajijic area. Has anyone had any experience with this therapist or with Bowen Therapy?
  2. Aguinaldo (Christmas Bonus) The aguinaldo must be paid on or before the 20th of December. The aguinaldo must be paid in cash; gifts, Christmas baskets, and other presents do not fulfill the requirement. The aguinaldo must equal 15 days of salary. To calculate the amount for a part-time employee, divide the number of days worked during the year past by 365. Multiply that figure by 15 x the daily salary to determine the amount of the aguinaldo. Examples: If you have an employee who works one day a week for $50 pesos: 52/365 x 15 x 50 = $106.85 pesos If the worker i
  3. There is no place in Lakeside that I'm aware of but I have used a firm from Guadalajara that will come here to fix windshield stone chips etc. Ricardo Lomeli 3317281544 www:clinkdeparabrisas.com Spanish only.
  4. We drove by The Tomahawk Restaurant the day before they opened and there was a Mr. Bull delivery truck parked in front. I can only presume that is where they are purchasing their steaks.
  5. I closed my account 2 years ago. I simply saw the manager and she closed the account within 5 minutes and gave me the outstanding balance in cash.
  6. We went today. You have to be there as you have to sign for the permit. The cost is 20 pesos. Its only for the Municipality of Chapala. There is no expiry date on the permit. There has not been a great demand for these permits as mine is number 18.
  7. We use a mixture of water, liquid soap and vinegar.
  8. We purchased a Meyer lemon tree from them 10 years ago and have been enjoying the lemons ever since then.
  9. Did both of you have to go or was one able to obtain both permits?
  10. We have had Telmex fiber now for 8 months now and have not experienced any problems.
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