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  1. Idk why this is here and I can't delete it, lol. But Lakeside- sure, I'll let you know! Are you in a similar family-situation as me?
  2. Hi everyone! I lived in Jaipur/other parts of India so extreme heat and humidity is not a deal breaker for me. We currently live in the southeastern US where temps are already in 90s with 90% humidity so I think my family can adapt. I know the climate/topography/cuisine/even language is different between Jalisco and Yucatán. I guess they are too distinct to make any "apples to apples" comparisons.
  3. I suspected sports and clubs would be separated from academics, so thank you all for confirming my hunch!
  4. Hi mudgirl- yes, we are looking all around. Merida in Yucatán is on our radar, for instance. Querétaro, Puebla, San Miguel de Allendale is probably getting too popular too fast, sayulita...huatulco is probably too isolated for us but if internet was faster there we'd be very interested. Is there somewhere specifically you were thinking of? Thanks!
  5. Wow everyone, there is a lot to process here. Thank you! yes, I think the kids going to a strictly Spanish-speaking school is ideal for us. I will look at Chapala center more closely. Dicho, thank you for relaying your personal experiences. Were your kids able to participate in any clubs/sports/extracurriculars?
  6. Thank you all for your insights thus far! And yes of course, everything would be legal 😀
  7. I think word is slowly leaking out to families that this region of Mexico is safe, cultural, with great schools. It doesn't surprise me to hear that it seems like more families are showing up! do you see kids out and about, involved in community life? I don't think GDL is where we would set down roots; not looking for a 24/7 big city life (but I understand it's easy to get there, right)?
  8. Thank you for your responses thus far, it is valuable.
  9. Hello. We are in preliminary stages of research, but we are a family of 4 contemplating living abroad for a while. A lot of research online focuses on the retirement aspect of Ajijic, but we are not near that stage of our lives. My kids (almost 2 and 4) have attended full Spanish immersion daycare so my 4 year old, in particular, is pretty fluent (she understands everything and increasingly talks en espanol). I know enough Spanish to get into a fight but not out of one, but I'm a fast learner. Husband will have to learn if he's immersed lol. My research indicates English is spoken pretty readily in this region, but I want my kids to be/remain fluent so having a mix of English and Spanish around them is important to me. the private schools, as far as I can tell, seem really good. Does anyone have firsthand knowledge about schooling for young kids in this area? Or recreation activities for kids? Would children in this area be considered a nuisance? if anyone has any insight into raising a family in this area I would appreciate hearing your thoughts immensely. Thank you.
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