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  1. I'm so happy it worked out for you, and thank you for your advice! That's exactly what I was considering, just offering to pay more to rent. I'm feeling like a weight has been lifted thanks to you all ♥️
  2. Wow! That is so encouraging, thank you for sharing! I was advised when going on a "scouting trip" to find apartments just walking around. May I ask, how did you find places without a realtor that were open to allowing that many pets? I figured you just find a place and ask, but I'd love to know your experience.
  3. Thank you all for your helpful suggestions and advice. I'll keep this in mind when I visit next year. I was planning to visit between January and March, but it would be a good idea to get a feel for the hot season instead. I won't be there for primarily vacation so that makes sense! It also gives me more time to save, so win-win! 😃
  4. Hi everyone! This is my very first post. I've been doing extensive research on moving to Mexico, and planning a trip early next year. I plan to check out Tulum and Merida currently. I live in the US and have four (well behaved, lol) cats. I was wondering how difficult it may be to rent a home long term in Mexico with four pets? This is the only worry I have at this point. I read another post where someone had 5 animals and didn't have an issue renting! Yay! Also, if anyone has resources for a real estate company that may be open to a single lady and her furbabies, please let me know. Thank you all!
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