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  1. We checked out a lot just off Dominguilllo and Vicente Guerrero Norte. Flat lot, but no view due to some upfront property blockage. Hopefully you can manage a view from your lot. Wasn't impressed w/ Racquet Club. Nice homes, but the streets seem dirty and common areas didn't seem well-maintained (didn't make it into the clubhouse area). No Walmart of Soriana-Hiper, but there's a Bodega Aurrerea in Joco-Eastside.
  2. Got a barrel of laughs from the fireworks comment! Same experience up north in Nuevo Leon where we moved from. GTK about the broken water-pipe issue. Though unfortunately the private citizens had to take care of, it seems they did a good job. Didn't see any noticeable water damage/lines with our recent drive-thru and property visit, but then again not sure when it occurred.
  3. Agree with Ajijic valuation, but can do without the congestion. Looking for the perfect balance of valuation and liveability, if such a state exist 🙂 Good advice on stairs. Having no or minimum stairs is one of the requirements in our house hunting.
  4. Westenders-at-Lake-Chapala...will check'em out Thx!
  5. Gathering opinions/facts on liveability and property value/appreciation in El Chante vs San Juan Cosala. Specifically, El Chante LAKESIDE near El Chante Spa & Hotel and San Juan Cosala MOUNTAINSIDE off Vicente Guerro Norte (straight North from Viva Mexico Restaurant) Thx!
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