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  1. Richard, Google doesn't have personal experiences.
  2. I need 250 pages printed. Maybe 40% coverage. In Chapala preferred. I supply paper. Cost? Thanks.
  3. In Chapala Haciendas. You pick-up. Works fine. $1,500.00 (firm) Please PM me.
  4. Chapala would be nice. I would like a spray can but haven't seen in bright red. Thanks.
  5. One important thing is missing, and that is if the O.P. is looking for individual implants or full-mouth dentures, upper and lower. I know one person who had full, upper and lower implants about two years ago and had continuing multiple problems continuing until today. As to add-on costs, with dental or auto mechanics, make sure you get the estimate/costs in writing and specify what is included and what is needed but not included. Remember the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition. "Be careful of what you put in writing as you may be held to it."
  6. A few times over the last few months, I have noticed a police car, a couple of uniformed officers under a shade-pavilion type of cover. The officers appeared to have pulled over some cars for -- - - - Anyone have any information on this? Thanks.
  7. Just wait until a legislator gets killed by a runaway truck, then you will see how fast the laws are put in place.
  8. I have been busting my ars looking to reach attorney Maria de la cruz. Non luck. I find 2 numbers? 22-1150-9037 and 376-109-1830 One says mailbox full and the other disconnected. I have an address of San Jorge 104 in Riberas. Anyone have information that is current? Thanks.
  9. I need a translator to help me in Chapala. I will pay $150.00 per hour. This will probably be at the municipal building in Chapala. Please PM me with details and contact information. Thanks
  10. if there is anyplace local where I can get my water tested. Thanks.
  11. It amazes me how so many people look to read between the lines and do mind-reading from a distance. When people write something, why not just look at the words and give them their clear meaning?
  12. I believe everyone has the right to know the laws they are bound by. I was just denied a post on Vecinos Chapala Haciendas, about the law. That is a private site and the owner has every right to run it as he/she chooses, and I support that. If I opt out of something, I'm not going to expect to keep the benefits such as, in this case, water and trash pickup. One of my problems is that in a Fracc, my money is at stake for paying for things for other people who get the benefits and don't pay. I also have a problem with BODs that don't know how to run a business. This new assessment is proof of that. If I were running this business, it would not have happened. I am not my hero, Lee Iacocca though I learned from him. So if I bow out, I lose the Association benefits. Who am I hurting? I don't want the responsibility to pay someone's else's bills.
  13. I gave no thinking, I posted information only. Please don't try to read between my lines or try to do remote mind-reading. Thanks.
  14. I just found something interesting. When I bought my house in a fracc here,, I had to apply to be a member of the Association and be accepted. It has to follow, that if I had to apply for membership, then I could resign/withdraw as a member. Of course if I withdraw, I am not entitled to water delivery or trash pickup. I can still use the roads to get to my privada. So apparently there is no law that requires a person to be a member of the Association, just as there is no law requiring the Association to provide a non-member anything other than water. There is no common area, no pool or clubhouse, etc. Research is one of the things I love, challenging and educating. NOTE: I am not saying anything more than what the words mean. I am not advising anything. I am simply passing alone information that may, or may not, be of interest to members of an Association. If I am wrong, I welcome you to tell me and cite some authority.
  15. Better have some serious pesos in your bank to pay for local hospital.
  16. Remember, the numbers you see online are interbank rates, that means bank to bank. You get a lower rate if you either wire from your bank or go into the bank with cash.
  17. Ibarra: I had one I d/l for US$35.00 in English and someone stole it and now I can't find it online again, only in Spanish. Anyone locate it for me can be my guest for a Tripps Burger or Small Subway sandwich.
  18. Fracc./A.C laws. Not condo laws. Name and contact information will be helpful. Thanks
  19. The "upstart colonists in what is now the U.S., were a "problem" to the British crown. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a problem to segregationists. I do not at all liken myself to Dr. King, I simply suggest that everyone should have freedom of expression and thoughts, and the right to publicly and peacefully express them. Ignorance is lack of factual knowledge. I fact check as best possible before making a post. I have found constructive criticism is usually helpful; the operative word though is "constructive." IMO, one of a real problems on this and other boards, is that some posters don't respect the right of others to have opinions that are in opposition to what they believe. Freedom of thought and speech. I shouldn't have to remind every, but I see some don't under semantics. When there is a post that says "We xxxxx" I would like to know the authority that makes the poster the representative of whoever "we" are. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and on a board, there is no requirement that anyone read anything. If someone wants/needs to make a personal judgment/"attack," it should be in PM. I have sent some very critical notes to some members, but always in PM. I also feel that when someone says a post is "disrespectful," they should specify what they mean. Respect is a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements. I think it's OK to say I don't admire someone and/or their beliefs/attitudes. I have never intentionally made a personal "attack" on anyone here. Thanks.
  20. I need a good form-filler immigration attorney. I once saw. Azacuna Bateman (sorry about misspelling) I want to get my daughter-in-law and her teen son, her young different son and a slightly autistic daughter. I also need to rent a decent enough place, in a middle class Mx. neighborhood near Chapala Haciendas. Thanks.
  21. Odds of getting a Mexican insurance company to pay a claim are the same odds, IMO and from what I have read over the years, are the same as getting hit by lightening 3 times within one hour with no ill effects.
  22. I had in place a way for ChapHac to get the money it needs, but the new president of the BOD refused to reply to my email and cancelled a meeting she agreed to. I am not going to beg people to let me help them.
  23. What bothers me now is that the new president isn't willing to listen or talk with me. I had something in the works that could have bailed C.H. out of their financial trouble, but since I'm not Mr. popularity in the Fracc, my offer of help was not even worth listening to. Too many people don't know it's what you learn after you think you know it all that really counts. I wish the Fracc and BOD the best. I'm on a privada, so I get very little benefit from the association. I see some members that owe past dues are having their water totally turned off. This is, IMO, a legally dangerous action. Someone, not me, may get ticked off and start making some complaints. The Association says it sought and received legal advice before doing this. I certainly hope it was from an attorney different from the one who "approved" the first well contract that included no protection for the Fracc. I also think the BOD should consider some physical form of oversight on the current well project. I have seen instances where X number of bags of cement were ordered, and many went-missing as the job progressed.
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