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  1. I had in place a way for ChapHac to get the money it needs, but the new president of the BOD refused to reply to my email and cancelled a meeting she agreed to. I am not going to beg people to let me help them.
  2. What bothers me now is that the new president isn't willing to listen or talk with me. I had something in the works that could have bailed C.H. out of their financial trouble, but since I'm not Mr. popularity in the Fracc, my offer of help was not even worth listening to. Too many people don't know it's what you learn after you think you know it all that really counts. I wish the Fracc and BOD the best. I'm on a privada, so I get very little benefit from the association. I see some members that owe past dues are having their water totally turned off. This is, IMO, a legally dangerous action. Someone, not me, may get ticked off and start making some complaints. The Association says it sought and received legal advice before doing this. I certainly hope it was from an attorney different from the one who "approved" the first well contract that included no protection for the Fracc. I also think the BOD should consider some physical form of oversight on the current well project. I have seen instances where X number of bags of cement were ordered, and many went-missing as the job progressed.
  3. Yes Yo1, I try always to be diplomatic, but being human, I sometimes fail. There is something that may be very interesting to not just the ChapHac owners, but any fracc BODs and people living there.This is why I invite people to attend. That is of course, if the BOD will show up. I want to talk with the BOD, not an individual who may incorrectly interpret what I say and/or mean. FWIW.
  4. I believe what I said and what I will say when I meet with the remnants of the BOD will benefit not just ChapHacbut all fraccs. I would like anyone who is interested to come and listen when I talk to the BOD Wednesday at the office. I don't think I'm always right or know it all, I do however know what I do know and what I don't. I have always welcomed constructive criticism, IMO, it makes people better. I really believe in what Robert Burns said: “O wad some Power the giftie gie us, to see oursels as ithers see us!" Stay tuned.
  5. EDITED BY MOD TO REMOVE REPEAT OF VICIOUS PERSONAL ATTACK. THANK YOU FOR A VERY MODERATE AND INFORMATIVE RESPONSE TO A SERIOUS PROVOCATION Your opinions are appreciated, however, it's easy to fault, but then one should at least offer a solution. I don't see you offering one. My dues are paid current, in fact in advance. Clearly, you were not at the AGM when I addressed the few people there. I say now as I said then: I respect any BOD that works a thankless job for no pay and rarely any recognition. You also don't know that for over a year I tried to help the fracc. I said 20+ times it wasn't being run as it should have been. My "suggestions" were ignored. All of the problems of the fracc should be laid not just on the BOD, but those people who never took the time to try to help the BOD; who had/have business sense, and a BOD that didn't oversee what was happening. The president was "asked" to resign, and he did, rather than be voted out.They left him a dignified exit. Look at the website. When I gave good business advice to the BOD (the president), it was ignored. If you want to learn more, I would be happy to sit with you at the "patio" at the office and let you know how I tried to help. And you can fact check me if you want. And BTW, I'm still trying to help save ChapHac. See my PM.
  6. The president of the BOD was told to resign or be voted out Saturday, 6/25/2022 look at chapalahaciendas-mx which is a dot com. Updates coming as released
  7. Which of the two new hospitals has the best service and equipment? Need one now. Thanks.
  8. I need to go to the Ministerio Publico and ask a question and to the Bomberos on the bypass from Chapala to Ajijic and the government building in Chapala. Time might be 3 hours. Recommendations, phone # and costs? Thanks.
  9. This will really show my ignorance, but will ask. Is TotalPlay for internet only? I have had Telmex forever. It's $599.00 a month with phone and internet. I'm sure no fiberoptic. Even when the electric goes out, I start my generator and get my modem up and running fine. The only advantage to TelmMex is it gives free calls to Panama and that's used maybe 1/2 to I hour a day.
  10. I wasn't clear. It was metal, not cloth. I used the wrong word, but the basis is the same either way, IMO.
  11. A lady friend living lakeside ordered some material for a roofing job on her house. She had two workers work for two days and got about half of the material in place. The woman gets communication from the guy she bought the material from and he said he delivered the wrong material and she owes an additional $11,000. She basically says in a letter delivered to him, "No way. Take it back and give me my money back." Guy says "No, pay up." I suggested waiting for him to make the next move, probably a letter from an attorney. She wondered about Profeco. Anyone here had any dealings with Profeco? Results?
  12. I understand there are two Chapala Reporters, one is the real one (same as the newspaper) and the other is some woman who I guess just takes the stories and redoes them. How do I know which is which so I can get the real one? Thanks.
  13. Must be working well. I know they have no power to speak of, but they are lightweight and that's what I need for travel. PM me please. Thanks.
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