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  1. We are removing our request for a possible housesit in Lake Chapala. We have never encountered such rude, ignorant, people in our lives. That tells us all we need to know about the area. PASS, we will explore other countries and enjoy life a lot more. We truly feel sorry for all you miserable people. Thank you to the people that responded in a positive manner . To all others You should all get together and form a MISERABLE PEOPLE"S CLUB, you deserve each other. Ken and Patti Do not respond, we will not read any response from this website. ENJOY
  2. Thank you so much for your VERY POSITIVE response. We have house/pet sit Internationally several times, never had a problem. Everyone we have sat for has ask us back. Most of our sits have been for 1-3 months. We are very positive people and enjoy life, we do not tolerate any negative interactions from unhappy or rude people. We treat all people with kindness and respect--until they prove the are not deserving--then we just ignore them. Again thank you Ken and Patti
  3. thank you, we would not be interested in anything you presented. We know negative people when we are subjected to them.
  4. We are retired professionals, considering retiring in the Lake Chapala area. Housesitting/pet sitting experience, with great references. We have not been to Lake Chapala, we do speak a little Spanish. Please only respond if you are in search for a house/pet sitter. For more details please contact us. Thank you for any consideration Ken and Patti Bowers
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