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  1. Never said it was my strong point. You going to admit to how a little priss you are when your not behind that keyboard?
  2. Math to much for you? Told you my age should give you an idea. Or missing your nap slow the gray matter some?
  3. Don't care about Caldwell banker. Yup you all start insults, threats on the new members then when they hit back you start talking to the board owners. Lol the way you act sure don't make new people feel welcome. So gum on that bone some more and make sure to check your depends.
  4. Well come show me where it should go. Lol ohh that's right keyboard warrior. You wouldn't even be able to look at me straight and talk stuff like this. And I'm proud looks like you skipped your afternoon nap time!
  5. He said someone needs to shove a sock in my mouth. Your reading comprehension is not good. They make a supplement for old people's memory. Put a sock in it and telling someone to shove a sock in his mouth are totally different. But yes please defend the attack some more. Now go drink your evening ensure.
  6. Again your toothless muzzle is dripping hate and untruths. Your feeble and its obvious from you keyboard strength. You have been on message boards to long. It makes you think your not the toothless hobbled old dog you are. Might be time for your depends change. Keep going I have alot more time then all of you put together. Lol
  7. Stuffing a sock in my mouth is a physical threat. Before that all I did was to tell you keyboard warriors to come out behind your keyboard and act like you do here in public and see what happens to you. But you won't because your afraid because you can't back up your talk out here. So settle into your arm chair and keep attacking and insulting and throwing the hate bombs. We all know your pack of toothless old grey muzzled dogs like to bark alot behind a big fence of the internet. Take that away and you would be peeing in your depends.
  8. Lol again attack. And no I'm not a southern. And I never talked like that. But really nice proof of you pure hate for people especially the south. Lol
  9. Lol yup a redneck who worked hard in a high tech job all the way up to upper management. Then gets to retire at 48 in this great place for the rest of my life. Man it must sure suck to be a high tech redneck.
  10. Just keep proving what I said. Never been accused of low self lol. Hard to lead with that and I have done alot of that. But again shows. Kneel to your toothless dog pack or endure the keyboard warriors who wouldn't dare act this way in public. And again you will be gone long before I do so I get to enjoy the world after your hate and jealousy is long gone.
  11. Lol see attack just like day one. You are the most rude group of toothless dogs I have ever seen. You make your entire generation look bad by the way you treat new people.
  12. Keep it going I don't care. Like I said I win in the end when someone her announces your death. Your team started this by attacking a brand new person to the area for no reason. And when he refused to take it you got nastier and nastier till the physical threats started. Ones non of your group could ever actually do. So instead of having another person to converse with you keep attacking and I will keep pushing back. Almost every time me or my wife goes out we meet people and have great conversations. Non of them start like your group started with me. Hate and insults. So those conversations i have on a daily basis out in the real world go great. But you can't expect to attack, insult and threaten people and have them talk nice back. I really believe you never talk like this outside of this chat room because your afraid too.
  13. No see I was raised to be polite and nice. Until attacked. I have been called worse and treated worse by men who could actually back up what they said unlike you viagra crew. Your just trying to run this board thru insults, intimidating and threats. So I push back because I won't be intimidated by the old weak useless people like you. So get all your keyboard warrior in before you die because it's the only way you will get it. You will never act this way in public because your weak and feeble. Which makes you a disgusting piece of dirt. In my book that is. You write tons of checks here you never have to cash out there. Keep up the attacks I don't care. I will fire back and it will just keep going on. But it all started with your viagra gang treating a new person to the area like crap. You all started this and it could have been different but your so filled with hate that any new person her must kneel to you limp old toothless dogs or you start attacking. Enjoy what YOU started.
  14. You all started this with your attacks on me day one when I was being nice. Your whole viagra squad started in with insults and threats I just defended myself. Nor all boomers are bad but are all that is horrid for your generation. Go back to my first posts all civil and nice then you all started and I was just defending myself. So your getting what you deserve now.
  15. I know you must defend what your generation did to every other generation with all this covid stuff. If you would have just gave your balls a tug and let the rest if us keep living thru covid things would be much different. But you just don't have it in you. Must ruin the world to make sure your generation was safe. Your parents stormed beaches you told everyone else to give up there freedom, health, economies, so you were safe.
  16. It was a record high economy before the shut down. And guns are not part of this discussion I would assume unless we are allowed to start that here? I know I will be getting my permit this year and buying a nice semi auto 38 and shotgun for my house. The mental problems are being talked about everywhere. And when I get your age I would rather risk dieing then make a whole generation have to suffer like you did. Schools should have never closed and masks and Vax mandates should never have been done. If you want to wear one, and you want to Vax go ahead. And on school best thing would be to have the money follow the kids. Home school then the parents get the same money the school would to pay for education and extra curriculum. Let public schools turn into the mini prisons for children who get kicked out of every private school.
  17. Yup a hillbilly who worked hard in the high tech industry then moved to mexico to retire very comfortably in mexico at 48 to watch all the old angry and insulting viagra using form a pack to attack any who don't agree with them. From behind a keyboard becuase they can barely walk.
  18. All flu types change. But making people take shots with issues to protect us from something with a very low death rate for the majority of the world's population. If your old or very sick it is dangerous. But the rest of the world shouldn't have to ruin there lives for that small percentage. The needs of the many out weight the few. In that type of situation the many have no real worry about this covid. While the few do. And we wrecked the world economy, ruined children's childhood, education, and the side effects of the "vax". All for the few. I hope we learned our lesson to never do this again. Let those who fear death stay home and hide the rest of us can live.
  19. People will look back at this and go never again will we let the govt make us take a untested substance and make us ruin our economy and our children's mental health and education.
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