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    I would say that Telcel's attitude is, "If you are concerned with the cost, you shouldn't use the service." With pay as you go, unless you use a stopwatch you have to rely on Telcel.
  2. Search the Government of Canada website using keywords like "acquiring non-resident status"
  3. For the past 8 years I have driven my foreign-plated cars (first, Texas, and for the past two years, Jalisco plates) into Canada, and I am in Canada presently driving my Jalisco plated car. I am a non-resident Canadian citizen and have never had a problem at the border entering Canada. Working in Canada for 4 or 5 months does likely not make you a resident, but a definitive confirmation from the government would certainly be valuable. It is definitely possible to receive such a ruling by mail from Canada.
  4. When you return to work in Canada, if you are only in Canada temporarily, you MAY be a non-resident, if you are a non-resident now, as opposed to simply being outside Canada. At the very least you should have an FM-3 and a Mexican drivers license. As long as you are a non-resident, you can operate a Mexican-plated car in Canada, and you can drive it into Canada with no problems. We have done it often. However, as soon as you are a resident of Canada (which is determined by the government, not by you, based on several factors), it is illegal for you to keep the car in Canada, and, if the ca
  5. Thanks for the detailed answer regarding enforcing money judgements (from a provincial civil case) in Mexico. I did not notice the answer until this morning. It does seem that, if the person has moved all their assets to Jalisco... unless the judgment is very large... it would not be worth the effort.

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