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  1. It was interesting for me, as a newbie, to read the posts above. More economics than politics but it sure is hard to avoid the latter these days!
  2. Thank you all for your helpful tips! Tomorrow the adventure begins.... And yes, we hope to support local businesses to the maximum extent possible. ( But we do like Amazon as a shop of last resort and for Prime video 🙂.) Deanya
  3. Hello from two newbies: We are looking for things such as towel racks that go beyond the Rubbermaid offerings (e.g. white coated wire creations). Is there a good shop lakeside or do we need to go to Guadalajara? Also is there a safe place in Ajijic to ship Amazon purchases? We are in a small gated community and can envision stuff that cannot be delivered on the first attempt going missing.
  4. Hi Zeb: Is your printer still available? Dean
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