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  1. We live in San Nicolás de Acuña, a tiny town just past San Luis , and while I will agree with others about it being a drive into town, we know little español. The people are joy filled and welcoming. More so than we have experienced on the north side. There’s no complaining about water (we have city and a well with perfectly clear water), no loud music complaints or any of the other “problems” we are constantly hearing about on FB as well as this site for issues that keep coming up. The downside? Internet. We just invested in the Starlink satellite though to take care of that problem. 😁 San Luis is a bustling little town full of happy faces and I 100% guarantee you will never leave that town thirsty. 😂😂
  2. Hi all! First post here and on our way to our new home on the south beach of Lake Chapala. We’re staying the first night in Guadalajara to go hit up Costco & Home Depot but thought maybe first stop should be the Dollar Store for any goods that can be picked up there, for less. On another thought, I don’t know who remembers Ross or Burlington Coat Factory, but what’s the closest store to those, either Lakeside or in Guadalajara? Not only are we new, but the house we are buying needs pretty much everything. (Thinking about it makes me feel a little overwhelmed at the moment😬)
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