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  1. I have spent thousands on water purification systems and don't trust any. Drink bottled water and enjoy your life.
  2. Thanks Linda - There are many street lites out in the area. If you can get the number and send it to me I would appreciate it.
  3. Does anyone have the number for the street lite repair? We're in the Riberas area.
  4. TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW Tuesday, February 7th For Reservations, Please Call Wendy At 376 766-4835 This will be Galen's final show of the season. RESERVATIONS ARE $400- PESOS AND MUST BE PURCHASED IN ADVANCE The Torches Will Be Lit, The Wood Fireplace Lighted The Gardens and House Will Be Aglow With Candles 6:00 pm - WELCOME When You Arrive - You Will Be Welcomed With Wine and Wonderful Food. We Are Happy to Announce That Once Again Our Food Will Be Catered by Dos Fuegos Catering Company 7:00 pm - Concert By Candlight with Pianist Galen and his group. 8:30 pm - DESSERTS Flourless Chocolate Cake - Imported Cookies Fruit - Lemon Curd and Coffee For Reservations, Please Call Wendy At 376 766-4835 We Hope You Can Join Us www.concertsbycandlelight.com
  5. We're trying to find a way to sell our home ourselves, or at least find options. Are there agents Lakeside that help with the paper work? Have any of you done this and have any suggestions. Dale's mother is ill and we need to return to Florida to look after her. Many thanks for you time and trouble. P.S. We did try a real estate agency. They showed it 6 times in 6 months to 6 people Musicdoc.
  7. I need someone who can edit a few MP3's and put them into a medley of music for the Lip Sink Show. Please contact me ASAP if you can or know of someone who can do this. Many Thanks
  8. These Holiday shows are in Riberas del Pilar with Galen and small group of musicians that are some of the finest Lakeside has to offer. The music is kept acoustic as much as possible. Before the show wine is served, there will be plenty of food served by Dos Fuegos Catering Co., 90 minute concert featuring "Music For The Holidays", and incredible desserts will follow the show. It's a wonderful fun evening and we hope you can join us. Tickets are $400- pesos and must be purchased in advance. Contact Wendy Hamblin for tickets at 376 766-4835
  9. The 27th is nearly sold out. If you're in the Lake Chapala area and are planning on purchasing tickets to see this show, don't wait until the last minute. Tickets sales are going well and all three shows should sell out. For tickets and more information, call Wendy Hamblin at 376 766-4835.
  10. Pianist Galen will be performing "Music For The Holidays" this month. There are three dates available. December 13th, 20th, and 27th. Before the show there will be Wine and Hors d'oeuvres served. It's a 90 minute show with some of the best musicians lakeside has to offer. He is truly an entertainer that will take you on a musical journey of seasonal Holiday music. Every arrangement is unique and his fans can't wait to hear what he's going to play next. These candlelight concerts are small intimate groups in his home and are truly unforgettable evenings. For more information and tickets, contact Wendy Hamblin at 376 766-4835. Tickets are $400- pesos and must be purchased in advance. For more information, you can visit Galen's web site at http://www.concertsbycandlelight.com
  11. "Concerts By Candlelight" will present Pianist GALEN in three performance during the month of December. Tickets are available now for the 13th, 20th, & 27th. Contact Wendy Hamblin at 376 766-4835. Tickets must be purchased in advance.
  12. This show is in Ajijic, Mexico. Tickets have sold very well and there are only a few left for tonight.
  13. "GALEN PLAYS MUSIC FROM BROADWAY II" Last Year We Did a Show Called Broadway I. Since Then, We Have Received So Many Requests, There Was No Choice Except To Do Broadway II. We Hope You Can Join Us For These Special Concerts.. Come Have Sumptuous Food and Wine and Be Prepared For An Unforgettable Evening In The Elegant Ambiance Of Galen's Home. We've Made Many New Friends This Past Year and We Hope All Of You Can Join Us. In November, We're Featuring Classical Guitar Virtuoso, Eddie Lara. We're So Excited About This Show and We Think You Will Be Too. It's Going To Be a Real Treat Working With Some Of The Best Musicians Available For These Two Concerts. We Hope You Will Join Us For These Thanksgiving Specials.
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