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  1. I have spent thousands on water purification systems and don't trust any. Drink bottled water and enjoy your life.
  2. Thanks Linda - There are many street lites out in the area. If you can get the number and send it to me I would appreciate it.
  3. Does anyone have the number for the street lite repair? We're in the Riberas area.
  4. TICKETS ARE ON SALE NOW Tuesday, February 7th For Reservations, Please Call Wendy At 376 766-4835 This will be Galen's final show of the season. RESERVATIONS ARE $400- PESOS AND MUST BE PURCHASED IN ADVANCE The Torches Will Be Lit, The Wood Fireplace Lighted The Gardens and House Will Be Aglow With Candles 6:00 pm - WELCOME When You Arrive - You Will Be Welcomed With Wine and Wonderful Food. We Are Happy to Announce That Once Again Our Food Will Be Catered by Dos Fuegos Catering Company 7:00 pm - Concert By Candlight with Pianist Galen and his group. 8:30 pm - DESSERTS Flourless Chocolate Cake - Imported Cookies Fruit - Lemon Curd and Coffee For Reservations, Please Call Wendy At 376 766-4835 We Hope You Can Join Us www.concertsbycandlelight.com
  5. Our maid, Maria, stays at our house overnight when we travel. She also works for Bob & Sandra on Wednesdays and will arrive at our house momentarily. She might fill your needs. Let me know.


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