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  1. Hyundai 3500W generator for sale. Almost new, maybe 10 hours run time. See: https://articulo.mercadolibre.com.mx/MLM-604475561-generador-inverter-hyundai-portatil-gasolina-3500w-hye4000ia-_JM $12,000 pesos. Cel/Whatsapp 331 453 6800
  2. All of this discussion only proves one thing: that the service from the three providers varies from person to person. My personal experience: I've had Telmex fiber for more than a year. It is rock solid, no outages. The phone is crystal clear. It's less expensive than Total Play. I'm paying $599 pesos/month and getting 200 down and 100 up. Obviously YMMV
  3. LCS used to do it, but no longer. I had to do it myself. Not difficult.
  4. I have found that most NOB financial institutions will not send authentication texts to any VOIP phone, including my Magicjack. For this purpose I have an old smartphone with a chip from Consumer Cellular. In that phone I have an app that forwards all incoming texts to my email. That phone just sits on a shelf and does it's job. My main smartphone then recieves all US texts in my email inbox. Works for me
  5. I second the recommendation for Teleservicios Calvario in San Juan Cosala. I have had exactly the same thing happen twice to one of my TVs. They repaired it quickly and inexpensively both times.
  6. Does anyone know if the U de G site is still operating today?
  7. My first try would be Gualberto Real 331 026 5450
  8. I've always had good luck with Express VPN
  9. The best place I have found is the small shop on Colon, ½ block north of the carretera, east side.
  10. Yes it is. The FACT is that the incidence of blood clots in the vaccinated population is actually LOWER than in the overall population.
  11. I love it because my Shaw is in Calgary, and my guide is correct for at least a few weeks in the year...
  12. As of now, I have CBC and CTV news channels (255 and 256) no problem, but my neighbor says there are gone for her. Who knows?
  13. I just did it for the first time. Fill out the form on line and submit it. Just search "FinCEN Form 114"
  14. I noticed today there is a drive through testing site next to the Ajijic Clinic.
  15. While I'm sure we all appreciate the good information on Talavera tiles, my originall question concerned commercial ceramic tiles. Are any of those places mentioned a good place to match a ceramic tile?
  16. Is there a "go to" place locally where I can get a small number of tiles to match existing ones? Alternative is to re-tile my bathroom.... Ugh. TIA
  17. They say that they will, but my experience is that it is almost always declined. I have tried it on Amazon.mx and Mercadolibre many times, and it has worked maybe twice.
  18. I got the email yesterday saying my bill is available. Clicked on the PDF link and downloaded the bill to my phone. No problem.
  19. I have had Telmex fiber for some time (to the house, not the local pole). I'm paying 599 for 150 down, and consistently get 200 down and 100 up.
  20. Two questions: 1. Is there anywhere lakeside where I can get VHS tapes digitized? 2. I would like to dispose of about 150 music CDs. Is there a worthwhile cause I can donate them to? TIA
  21. Two family members tested yesterday at Hospital San Antonio for travel to USA tomorrow. They have both been vaccinated, but the test is still required. Antigen test, results in 15 min. $1600/pp
  22. I didn't see anything that prohibits seniors from going out. Just prohibits businesses from letting them in. Did I read that right? BTW the Oxxo in La Canacinta had an employee at the door yesterday who stopped me from going in.
  23. Every year i ask for the 50% discount for both property tax and water. I never get it. This is Chapala. I understand they give the discount in Jocotopec. I even showed the jefe at the Ajijic Simapa office their own printed policy which clearly mandates a 50% discount for seniors, and pointed out that it's unconstitutional to discriminate against non citizens. All I get is a shrug.
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