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  1. Great. I'd rather have a driver's license office than a public toilet any day. šŸ˜‚
  2. Anyone tried Vidrios Kivi? Next door to ViLuMa. I think it's Jaime's brother.
  3. Last time I used ViLuMa I was not happy. Any others?
  4. Who is the currently recommended go-to for repairing screen doors etc.? I know it's been discussed before, but as we all know these things change. Recent experience anyone? TIA
  5. On Ocampo, just east of Manix restaurant, opposite side of the street.
  6. Before you scrap it it might be worthwhile taking it to the guy in San Juan Cosala. Teleservicios Calvario. He seems to be able to fix everything else.
  7. On a more constructive note, I called the SAT hospital this morning and asked about CT scans. I was told that the equipment is installed, but not yet operational. "Hopefully next week" was the prognosis.
  8. Good post. I made the jump 16 years ago. Never regretted it for a minute. Ignore the hijackers if you can.
  9. Curmudgeon


    I saw a seƱorita with a Navarro shirt in Walmart this morning. She told me the cheddar aƱejo would be in next Tuesday. Maybe.....
  10. Remember that all these plans say "hasta" 10 or 20 or... That means that it's the speed you are guaranteed never to exceed. Your actual speed depends on your local infrastructure.
  11. If you try for higher speed, it takes you through a process to identify your location, then tells you it's not available in your area
  12. Just to be clear, I don't own a dog. I do like to read about new restaurants, and I will patronise those which I think I might like. For me, dogs are not an issue. I don't think this makes me "entitled" or "inconsiderate". I just wish these "reviews" would not degenerate into dog wars and personal attacks. Strictly my personal view. I'll stop reading them now .
  13. PLEASE get off the dog thing, or start a new thread. I like to learn about restaurants, and I could care less about dogs
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