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  1. 16 years, and care has been excellent, except for a few providers who should be avoided.
  2. It's so nice to have folks who have the time to correct other people's posts.
  3. The gift store on Ocampo just east of Colon, south side in Ajijic usually has them.
  4. Got ours at Seguro Popular in Ajijic yesterday.
  5. Just checking... would anyone who has fibre optic internet installed from Telmex care to comment on their experience? Anyone from Birds of Paradise want to share? TIA
  6. His name was Jorge 33 3401 4220 Don't know if he's still around. This was several years ago.
  7. My experience was that we never did smell gas, but our consumption was increasing. A pressure test showed that there was a significant leak somewhere. During this test all appliances, heater etc are isolated, so only the lines are being tested. The solution was indeed to run new gas lines outside the house, mostly over the roof, and completely invisible. The difference was remarkable.
  8. Your water heaters may not be the reason you are losing gas. You should have someone do a pressure test on your gas lines. I don't know how old your house is, but leaking gas lines is a common problem after about 15 years.
  9. That's the only problem with Intercam. The current branch has three windows, of which I've only seen two open, and it's always busy, with significant lines.
  10. I recently opened an account at Intercam, and so far I'm very impressed. Everything is bilingual, including the website and the smartphone app. They pay 3.5% on an ordinary account. They can also transfer money directly from my US debit card into the Intercam account.
  11. Viva Mexico has them all the time. The restaurant in LCS has them until the 15th.
  12. And don't forget that most Windows computers sold in Mexico have Windows "Single Language" installed which means you can't switch to English without buying a new Windows license.
  13. So what you are saying is this is the place of last resort, when all other sources have been exhausted. Right?
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