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  1. Power cord? Phone cord? Ethernet cord? I have a Vonage adapter that I'm no longer using, but I think the adapter is locked to my old Vonage number. Is this right?
  2. Where are you? I thought they moved TVO and Knowledge to the satellite we can't see in Mexico.
  3. How do you get TVO and Knowledge on Shaw? I used to get them, but that ended months ago. Am I missing something?
  4. I've not received the payment. I've filed 1040 every year, but no refund so no bank info. I have my SS deposited in my NOB bank, but the payment has not shown up there. When I go on the IRS website, enter the data on the first page, it says "this does not match our records". It doesn't seem to matter what combination of SSN, address, etc I put in, I get the same result. I give up
  5. I've had it work a few times, but mostly it gets declined
  6. I second Mercado Libre. I have ordered the light blue masks twice, delivered the next day both times.
  7. Actually it is true. With my Amazon account, I can choose too get Prime from either US or Mexico, but not both. I use a single account to order from both the US and Mexico. If course you can open two accounts with them if you like.
  8. I've bought three in the past few months. Why no luck? Be sure your are getting the Firestick 4k NOT the Firestick Basic .
  9. If you have Express VPN their support is outstanding. Usually emails are answered within an hour or two.
  10. Are the taxes payable IVA on fair market value? I'm not sure he has any money.....
  11. Thanks for the responses. That was exactly what I needed to know. I've been here 18 years but never done this before!
  12. Thanks for the info. Yes, it has Jalisco plates. Then he has to register it? Am I liable until he does that?
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