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  1. If you are getting 20-30 on your firestick, that should not be the cause of buffering.
  2. Yes, there are communities with high speed internet available, mine included. I have Telmex fiber, and pay 499 pesos/month for 50mbs Internet and my phone with worldwide service. I have the option to increase speed to 150 mbs for another 100 pesos if I ever need it. It's very reliable, and the voice service is very clear. I'm very happy with the service. Just one data point in answer to your question.
  3. As I said almost a year ago, Omeprazole keeps the problem under control for me. Bdmowers seems to have the opinion that it can't work. All I can say is that if I don't take it, the symptoms come back. As I said, YMMV.
  4. Yes they do. When I tried to use my cellphone on my wife's account, they said no because it's not registered in her name.
  5. Capital One told me that the texts MUST be sent to a cellphone with a SIM registered in my name from a cellphone company . In other words, it must use the cell tower network, NOT the internet. Other banks may differ....
  6. This I don't understand. I may be dumb, but ... I have a spreadsheet of all my 2020 statememnts. This is a checking account, NOT an investment. From this conversation have learned and accept the fact that the ISR is levied on the entire value of the account, not on the interest earned. I'm not sure how the ISR calculated, however (based on starting balance, ending balance, average daily balance ...), but it sure doesn't add up to 1.45%. It's about half that. I say "about" because it is certainly not consistent from month to month. The same is true of the interest, although I accept the fact th
  7. Not an easy process. I have done this, but it relies on having an address and some willing help in the USA. I opened an account with Consumer Cellular. &20/mo. Then when the SIM arrived in the mail, my daughter put it in her ( unlocked) phone to verify/initiate the account. Then send the SIM to me. Goes in an old phone, or in the other slot of a dual SIM phone. I use it to recieve texts ONLY. Using it to make calls is expensive, and you can't send texts from here.
  8. I don't remember the name, but the store on Ocampo, just east of Manix restaurant, opposite side of the street, does refills. They have an electronic/neon sign outside.
  9. Unfortunately there seems to be no correlation. My balance had been steadily increasing, but the withholding amount has been all over the place.
  10. OK I went to Intercam and they acknowledged that the withholding rate on interest is 1.45%. so why are they taking out 49%?. No answer. I was told I had to email customer service and ask them. Obviously I was not happy being told it's my problem, and it showed. On my way home I got a cellphone call to tell me that they would investigate on my behalf. That's a little better. In the mean time I've looked through my statements for all of this year, and their take varied from 10 to 50%. Don't seem to correlate with anything. I'll post if I get an answer. In the mean time, Intercam c
  11. That's strange. When I tried it they told me that I had to use a number in my name from a registered cellphone network provider i.e one that provides you with a SIM card. So MMDV
  12. You can resolve this in one of two ways. If you have a relative in the US who doesn't mind helping, give CO their number, then have your relative immediately send the number to you with WhatsApp. Our you can get a Consumer Cellular account for $20/mo. It will receive texts here. It will need to be initialized in the US. In my case, I got my daughter to buy the CC burner in Target, then send it to me. From personal experience, both work.
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