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  1. I have Telmex fiber connection and I am very happy. I am getting exactly what I pay for; 50 down and 20 up. And a clear reliable phone service. Do lots of streaming and torrents. No problem.
  2. You can use WhatsApp to 33 1520 9621. It's only answered Monday through Friday, but I've found it to be very responsive, and much easier to converse in Spanish.
  3. Any recommendations for a good professional electrician? I want to install a transfer switch for my generator. TIA
  4. Gualberto Real 331 026 5450
  5. I had one done a year ago at the Ajijic clinic. Dr Corona and his team from Guadalajara. Can't remember the cost, but I think it was around 10,000 pesos.
  6. You only need an appointment to transfer title of a car. I believe it's just walk in for other things. When I was there last week it was basically empty.
  7. Does anyone know if the Chapala licensing office is open? I need to transfer ownership of a car. TIA
  8. Just to add to the confusion; I've used S&S for more than 10 years. They always send me competing quotes for renewal, and the few times I've done a comparison, they have always been competitive. I've had major claims, and their follow up and support have been great. Just a couple of notes for the original poster; deductibles here are a percentage of the CAR VALUE, not the repair bill. Also, there is no such thing as a loyalty discount, so you can switch companies every year if you wish.
  9. Unfortunately the 5MHz band is less useful in Mexico since it does not penetrate our steel/cement walls as well as 2.4MHz.
  10. Power cord? Phone cord? Ethernet cord? I have a Vonage adapter that I'm no longer using, but I think the adapter is locked to my old Vonage number. Is this right?
  11. Where are you? I thought they moved TVO and Knowledge to the satellite we can't see in Mexico.
  12. They were open at 10:15 this morning..
  13. How do you get TVO and Knowledge on Shaw? I used to get them, but that ended months ago. Am I missing something?
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