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  1. So why is this better than telmex fiber?
  2. The manager at Intercam told me that their new branch will be in the new development at the SW corner of Juarez and the careterra.
  3. https://www.fixyourownprinter.com
  4. Depends on the bank. Tried it with Capital One and they said they would not do that while I'm out of the country. I tried it with a VPN and they still knew I was not in the USA.
  5. I believe it's planned to locate in the huge commercial/residential project between Walmart and Coca Cola. Who knows when that will be finished, if ever.
  6. I've had that for over 30 years. I've found that as long as I eliminate acid reflux, it doesn't bother me. For me, that's taking Omeprazole every morning. YMMV
  7. Third deafening time today. Out west, on the lake.
  8. Yes he has fixed exactly the same problem for me (twice)
  9. 16 years, and care has been excellent, except for a few providers who should be avoided.
  10. It's so nice to have folks who have the time to correct other people's posts.
  11. The gift store on Ocampo just east of Colon, south side in Ajijic usually has them.
  12. Got ours at Seguro Popular in Ajijic yesterday.
  13. Just checking... would anyone who has fibre optic internet installed from Telmex care to comment on their experience? Anyone from Birds of Paradise want to share? TIA
  14. His name was Jorge 33 3401 4220 Don't know if he's still around. This was several years ago.
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